Hospitality & Travel Software Development

Build unique software solutions for the hoteling, hospitality, and travel industry to meet the changing demands and unique requirements of your business.

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Involved in hands-on end-to-end development of hospitality and travel solutions for 5+ years, AIS knows how to effectively leverage the latest technologies to solve complex operational challenges and gain market share, converting an indifferent guest into a loyal client. Whether you want to build brand-new hospitality and travel software or advance existing infrastructure, we will take on the mission to optimize your day-to-day workflows, ensure lasting guest experiences, generate new revenue streams, and meet industry demands.

Our Hospitality & Travel Software Development

AIS delivers full-fledged solutions that cover everything from ticket booking to hotel reservation and accounting.

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Hospitality & Travel Software Development

From prototyping to travel software development and deployment, we offer a complete range of product engineering services.

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Integration with 3rd-Party Systems

Integration of custom applications with installed systems, such as ERP, CRM, e-commerce platform, and others.

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Solutions We Develop

Travel Portals

Our team develops both B2B and B2C online travel portals with capabilities like central booking, travel content mapping, revenue management, layered access for the travel agency along with integration of your travel portal software with popular GDS, XML and any API to add modules like social media, price comparison, mobile ticketing, payment gateways, etc. to provide the best travel management experience.

E-Booking & Ticketing System

Our developers can help you develop an online booking system that allows your customers to book a flight, accommodation, car rentals, or make other travel arrangements with access to special offers and reminders - all via a single self-service platform.

Hotel Management Software

Our team constructs hotel management software and intuitive tools for both single and multi-property sites to facilitate the huge scope of routine tasks specific to this industry. We save on your human resources and associated costs while enhancing your hotel management software with front & back office modules for individual guest management, billing, and budget analytics.

Document Management System

A document management system enables centralized control over all enterprise files, be it restaurant, resort or your multi-location network. Businesses of all sizes can better organize, process, and secure their records and critical information from data loss and unauthorized usage while increasing overall business productivity.

Payment Management

We help travel and hospitality vendors control every aspect of your business operation, automate billing and payment processing, handle real-time charges, manage invoices, estimate transaction statistics and reporting. Our solutions will also send payment reminders, and store custom-made payment terms.

CRM For Hotels

A custom CRM system for hotels lets you effectively manage your relationships with existing customers and increase the attractiveness of your business for potential clients. Capabilities like customer lifecycle and workflow management, data analysis and statistics generation, loyalty programs, surveys, and guest feedback, etc. allow hotel managers to track and optimize your building relationships with customers.

Mobile App Development

With standalone task-specific apps or software that mirror the functionality of your desktop hospitality system, we build intuitive mobile solutions for airlines, agencies, and travelers that run on smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices.

Travel Mobile App Solutions We Offer

The travel and tourism industry is not made up of a single activity but the incorporation of several activities. No matter what activity you want to focus on, we can build a mobile app for you.

Travel Planning Apps

Apps that help travelers find new destinations, explore the mode of transport to reach them, its history and landmarks, read other traveler stories, and much more.

Hotel Booking Apps

We build mobile apps that will help weary travelers find a safe place to rest and rejuvenate so they can start their next day off right.

Ticket Booking Apps

We can help your business build mobile apps for ticket booking for a flight, train, cab, bikes, or even luxury cruises. If you want to sell a ticket, we can build an app for that.

Finding Home Stay

Travelers who want interesting places to stay may be paired with those ready to host them. Help them meet with a mobile app that is designed for this vacation rental marketplace.

Virtual Tours

Travel is an experience. Let your users experience them from the comfort of their couch with virtual tours. We can help you build a mobile app that gives virtual tours from all over the world.

Vehicle Rental Booking

On-demand vehicle rental services are better when they can be accessed through a mobile app. Build your own vehicle rental booking app with our mobile development expertise.

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Benefits of Our Services

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Faster Sales

A complete system for travel agencies and tour operators can automate and speed up actions such as reservation management, tour, complex travel package creation, booking of travel products from third party suppliers, global distribution systems, and communication with suppliers.

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Happier Customers

Top-notch travel experience gives consumers freedom and control of their trips and expenses. Online and mobile booking, access to all travel products at the best prices, personalized offers, and other abilities powered by automation foster that freedom and control. 

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More Productive Employees

Travel systems streamline every procedure, from bookings to annual reports. Searching, data collation and analysis done by machines save the employees’ time on these initial tasks and minimizes errors and inaccuracies.

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Increased Efficiency

Automated travel systems facilitate the management of the ordering process, inventory, role assignments, and the creation of rooming, transfer, bus, and flight lists. It helps organize passenger departures and arrivals, improves efficiency, and reduces costs.

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This advantage applies to automatic data collation, mining, analysis, or supplier inquiry and confirmation processes. Travel software provides accurate reports on almost any key performance metric, empowering management to cut costs across the enterprise by 40-75%.

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Centralized Data

Well designed travel software allows for smoother interaction with customers and suppliers within the system and keeps all sales documentation in one place. This is crucial when your communication with customers and the information about inventory, reservations, and human resources are centralized.

Technologies We Use

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