Cross-Platform Customer Experience Management Product Development

A comprehensive cross-platform suite of highly-automated customer experience management tools

Client and Goals

An American up-and-coming eCommerce and marketing disruptor helping businesses increase their digital presence, enhance client engagement, and build trust worldwide.

The client was looking to extend their service line by creating a brand-new B2B and B2C eCommerce offering. This was aimed at helping reach better revenue opportunities and occupy a wider cross-market niche.

To obtain a full-blown and smoothly-functioning MVP under quick rollout, the client required aid from an outsourced team able to deliver on the promise. Their search for a reputable contractor took them to AIS Novations, for we’ve long earned our stripes of a trusted business partner providing software services for startups.


Initially, the project’s idea boiled down to a client review aggregator that integrates with Google and Trello to ask users for feedback via SMS-invitations. With paid subscription, business owners were supposed to access customer feedback, gather contact info and stats, and build target audience for further campaigning activities.

The solution started as an MVP project, yet it quickly grew into a comprehensive cross-platform suite of highly-automated customer experience management tools. As of the current stage, the system is customizable SaaS intended for business owners and customers alike, with multiple features and integrations well underway. Here are a few highlights worth mentioning:

  • From-scratch built platform
  • Wireframes-based design
  • Two-factor and JSON Web Token authentication
  • Blazing-fast processing and communication with user accounts
  • Customizable performance metrics
  • Adaptive service and dashboard
  • Feature-rich control panel with several roles
  • End-to-end testing through app stores

Major functional modules
  • Administration
  • Onboarding
  • Client app
  • Backend app
  • Plugins module
  • External API
  • E-commerce module
  • Webhooks service module
  • Native iOS and Android mobile app
Business process automation
  • CSV-enabled client import/export
  • App usage reporting and emailing
  • Sales campaign stats collection
  • Dynamic parameter-based client grouping
  • SMS answerback
  • Automatic payment for app usage
Functional Capabilities
  • Mobile and web messaging
  • VOIP, SMS/ MMS via Twilio service, Facebook Messenger
  • Review management throughout 10+ platforms, including Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor
  • Live chat through Trello
  • Admin access to click-through rate, retention, invitations, earnings per message, and more stats
  • Client support
  • API-enabled communication between clients’ external websites or apps and the host solution via HTTPS protocol under a privately accessed key
  • Stripe-powered transactions for sending open payment requests
  • Integration with BigCommerce and Shopify for stats acquisition and ad campaigns
  • Dedicated subscription for services or goods, Back In Stock alerts

QA Highlights:

  • QA Engineer joined the team at the Elaboration phase to develop Test Strategy and Test Plan for the client.
  • During Zero Sprint, a deeper understanding of the Specifications followed. As the QA Engineer got to know the system better, our talent prepared a comprehensive suite of user stories and test cases.
  • According to the QA strategy at AIS, the QA Engineer started with smoke testing during Zero sprint and continued with deeper regression testing during the active development phase.
  • A QA engineer tested only those tasks covered with test cases, which guaranteed that a client would have robust test documentation after the QA project was complete. Ad-hoc testing was performed only upon explicit client request.
  • Early releases, change of requirements, communication issues and other typical challenges on the QA projects were successfully addressed well in advance (via constructive dialogue with the client, Known Issues Weekly Reports (to show accurate statistics on open issues), or issue escalation engaging Head of QA, PM, VP of Delivery, etc.).
Tech Stack
  • Amazon AWS
  • Angular 10
  • Bigcommerce API
  • Bitbucket pipelines
  • Custify
  • Comodo SSL
  • Cron
  • Docker
  • Dropcowboy service
  • Facebook API
  • Google Analytics
  • Google My Business API
  • HTML5
  • Ionic4
  • JS
  • Mongo Atlas
  • NestJs
  • Node mailer
  • OneSignal
  • Portainer
  • SCSS
  • Shopify API
  • Stripe
  • Typescript
  • Twilio
  • Ubuntu


To overcome certain limitations of pre-built engineering tools, our team came up with their custom solutions:

  • In-house TypeSpring framework for backend development
  • Intuitive custom-built AIS-uploader library
  • Dedicated multi-channel SMS/MMS and voicemail exchange service
  • In-app currency and custom payment system
  • Bitly-like shortener for link personalization
  • Dedicated tool for eCommerce platform integration
AIS Team
1Project Manager
1Quality Engineer
Client Location: USA
Project duration: 3+ years


AIS Novations stood out for the ability to handle long-term projects under strict quality requirements, while addressing potential challenges early on and living up to the commitments in full. The solution was successfully launched as an MVP and ran through several app stores for actionable feedback. Later the solution expanded into a multi-network conversational eCommerce platform with more features to come.

alt image

The platform’s usage shows steady growth, achieving fancy numbers that break a monthly average 17 million messages.

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On top of hassle-free CX management, the solution introduces an efficient sales funnel underpinned by rich analytics. This helps clients reach fast ROMI and quickly win over more funding and expand business connections.

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