Custom Insurance Solutions Development & Legacy Systems Revamping

Making insurance software easily deployable, compatible, and adaptable

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With years of catering to giant and medium-scale insurance companies, we’re well aware of what it takes to maintain and update your enterprise systems. Firms that deal with high-risk data-intensive financial operations often rely on monolithic solutions built upon web forms, and innovation can become increasingly resource-consuming and tricky.

Future-proof approach to insurance solutions

Whether you are stuck with an outdated infrastructure aching for transformation or need an efficient and reliable system from the ground up, we have your back. We’re up for a multitude of challenges — from a complete tech ecosystem makeover to dedicated service engineering to QA and support.

Proprietary solution development accelerators for Insurance

As an outsourced development partner, we handle engineering tasks in line with the client requirements, be it formal a SRS or a vision translated into feature during an ongoing Agile development process. However, we often suggest our clients to consider leveraging our software engineering know-how that we embodied in a number of signature products. Re-use of certain modules facilitates development of large-scale solutions and saves the project's budget. Our proprietary products include a workplace chat platform, a custom ERP system for high tech companies, and a content management system, to name a few. Learn more about some of the most relevant solutions that help untangle the tech complications around insurance-specific activities:

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We’ve developed a unique service package allowing Insurance clients to implement 5 key strategic business enablers. Enriched with use case studies and expert highlights, the document describes how you can integrate sustainable, consistent, and meaningful transformations with smart operational management on the one hand and customer centricity on the other.

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Our insurance innovation cornerstones

Since we first got to grips with the insurance industry calls, we understood it was critical to stay tuned on the innovation radar to obtain essential skills for building truly practical and compelling solutions. Alongside custom mobile and web engineering, we now hold deep expertise in other technologies that are huge today.

Business Intelligence & ETL
  • ETL/ELT solutions
  • Dashboards & Data Visualization
  • Data warehouse platforms and data marts
  • BI data warehouse optimization
  • Data modeling, data migration and data archiving
  • Dimensional and relational data models development
Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine learning and cognitive computing know-how
  • Conversational and robo-advising tech
  • Customer resolution acceleration
  • Unstructured data processing, structuring, and optimization
  • Enterprise solutions self-teaching
  • Clients intent discerning
  • Deep pattern analysis
  • Enhanced power efficiency
  • Rock-solid data privacy
  • Flawless cyber and fraud security
  • Network stability
  • Transaction encryption
  • Middlemen exclusion
  • Multi-step authentication
  • Digital identity and compliance automation
Big Data
  • Enterprise-grade data management
  • Data mining and visualization
  • Data cleansing, modeling, transformation
  • Disparate asset consolidation/ integration
  • Anomaly detection and reporting
  • Prescriptive and predictive analytics
  • Personalized sales and marketing

Insurance project track record

Several industry-leading property and casualty insurance provider with thousands of employees around the globe teamed up with AIS Novations to work a complete transformation of their enterprise systems. The team’s responsibilities included:

  • Legacy system audit, QA, update roadmapping
  • Microservice architecture enablement
  • Big data optimization, transformation, and modeling
  • Insurance forms modernization, engineering, and refactoring
  • API-enabled app and service integration
  • From-scratch cyber liability rating engine development
  • Platform-agnostic customer portal engineering and implementation
  • Integration with third-party eCommerce platforms

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Technologies in focus


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Half of our software engineering, design, QA, and project management guys and ladies are focused on helping Insurance companies transform with the help of modern technologies. Regardless of how complex your task is, we’re ready to either handle it from A to Z or jump in to join your team at any stage. Briefly describe your challenge in the form below — we'll get back to discuss it right away.