Real Estate Investment Automation SaaS Development

Designing a clean frontline for a B2B single-page application

Client and Business Goals

A well-established German real estate developer reached out to AIS Novations for long-term engineering assistance. Aiming to extend their residential housing locations presence while optimizing operational efficiency, the client wished to design a white-label CRM system for real estate agents.

Considering our team’s expertise within insurance, legal, and FinTech, along with the ETL and ERP solutions development skills, the client entrusted us with building a domain-specific highly-adaptable single-page app (SPA).


AIS Novations picked a dedicated team having advanced knowledge of Vue.js framework to deliver a seamlessly navigable front-end showcasing personalized investment opportunities. Distributed under a moderate fee, the SaaS helps optimize overall service costs and prices per square meter, access competitive return rates, secure income, and provide rental guarantee.

Already up and running, the solution is currently technically supported by AIS Novations, with additional feature updates and integrations underway.

AIS Team
4Software Developers
1Project Manager
Customer location: Germany
Project duration: 1+ year

Tech Stack

  • Vue.js
  • Vuex
  • WebSocket
  • Yii
  • GitLab CI/CD

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