All-in-one SaaS CRM Platform for B2B Sales Workflows Optimization

Nailing lead generation with an elegant & intuitive business tool


An American high-tech company providing B2B services around the globe, with a focus on BI, InsurTech, FinTech, and eCommerce.

Business goal

With their business increasingly extending and covering new domains, the client was planning on working a BI makeover within their facilities. Handling customer growth was job one — the client didn’t want anything slipping through the existing infrastructure inefficiencies.

To prevent getting the lead generation process out of their hands, the client put their mind to obtaining a full-blown yet nimble CRM system for sales managers. The solution was meant to be a universally applicable SaaS, easily deployable into any B2B company ecosystem, with customizable settings and integrations.

In view of AIS Novations’ massive expertise within the signature tech domains in question, the team appeared to be born to the job.


AIS Novations developed a CRM platform aimed at automating and streamlining sales departments’ workflows. The system is integrated with Upwork, the world’s largest job portal. To optimize sales processes, the tool enables users to conveniently communicate with leads while managing their statuses — from “overdue” to “in progress”, “closed” or “planned for the future”.

Smoothly navigable, the service helps manage all the data around project negotiation and keep it easily accessible right at the fingertips. Users are free to choose their tasks planning settings through either board or calendar view.

  • Lead status control
  • Lead tables export
  • Project & customer data management
  • Tasks governance
  • Multi-user chat rooms generation
  • Communication history logging
  • Negotiations updating
  • Stats reporting & visualization
Features in the spotlight
  • Integration with Upwork
  • 7 languages support
  • Lead filtering by industry, tech, payment method, etc.
  • Adaptive design
Work done
  • Business analysis
  • Software requirements specification
  • Upwork filters-enabled data accumulation
  • Business logic development
  • Solution UI/UX design


As a solution to lead filtering restrictions of the integrated Upwork service, the team introduced a custom module scaling the platform’s capabilities. The advanced time-efficient filters facilitate lead search, enabling users to apply tens of parameters and narrow it down with minimized effort.

AIS Team
3Software Developers
1Quality Assurance Engineer
1Project Manager
1UI/UX Designer
Customer location: USA
Project duration: 1+ year


From the ground up, AIS Novations developed and released the fully-functioning solution with perfect timing. Given the products’ excellent performance, the client decided to get the most from its potential. AIS Novations team is still aboard, upgrading the platform’s capabilities for the client to be able to launch a branded operational version for sale.

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