HIPAA-compliant Coverage Management Platform Development

Smooth and accurate patients’ enrollment into healthcare coverage

Client and Business Goal

Our client is a US-based software development company designing products for healthcare stakeholders, including hospitals, medical insurance companies and more. Its primary objective is to ensure easy access to healthcare coverage for self-pay patients. To make the enrollment process more streamlined and clear-cut, the customer decided to introduce a specific software with an array of features intended for efficient coverage management.

By the moment of client’s contacting, AIS Novation had already acquired experience with healthcare projects, which encouraged them to hire us as the dedicated development team.


The developed coverage management platform contains information on every public and private coverage program in its database. Enrollment teams can enjoy tasks automation and improved workflows, which ensures quick and accurate search of suitable coverage programs, patients’ qualification and registration.

System Capabilities
  • Automatic search and selection of coverage programs in compliance with set parameters
  • Centralized data storage for easy access to screening results, medical verifications etc.
  • Immediate alerts in case a patient is approved or has fallen out of the coverage
  • Integrated reporting allowing to share data and enhance operational efficiency
  • Possibility to provide application details or checklists to patients via different communication channels

Tech stack

  • JQuery
  • WebForms
  • MS SQL
  • JavaScript
  • Entity Framework
AIS Team
1Project Manager
2Software Developers
1Business Analyst
1QA Engineer
Client Location: USA
Project duration: 1+ year

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