Inventory Management Software for Multi-Site Pharmacy Facilities Operation

Enabling accurate forecasting and intelligent inventory planning


BLD Solutions provides inventory management software for pharmacies. The client was looking for technical experts who would contribute to the functional development of their core product and fine-tune their backup system. They urgently needed to enable automated database updates and up-to-the-minute visibility of stock levels which in turn would provide for accurate forecasting and intelligent inventory planning.


BLD Solutions hired AIS Novations to enhance their pharmacy management solution. The existing product didn’t allow managers and pharmacists to manage the stock across multiple sites and check the availability of prescriptions and over-the-counter items in real time. Other goals were to: 

  • Accelerate query processing sent to the database which handles big data.
  • Simplify and automate backup procedures.
  • Set up printers for check and label printing.


The AIS Novations team contributed to the functionality development of BLD pharmacy management software. We refactored code to fix multiple bugs and fine-tuned regular backups, which was a critical requirement from the client.

Solution Highlights:

  • Cron backups to enable automated scheduled backups to the cloud storage with the ability to manage the backup directly from the application.
  • Jenkins was added for code updating from a repository.
  • The solution’s backend architecture is based on Laravel architecture, while the frontend is on AngularJS.
  • Webpack was enabled to build minified front-end files.

AIS Team
1Project Manager
Client’s location: Jamaica
Project duration: 2+ years
Web- and application servers
Windows Server (IIS)FTPRDS
Operating system
Windows ServerWebpack


The solution is a powerful pharmacy inventory management system that enjoys automated real-time stock data collection and backups, offers smart inventory planning and pricing tools. Transactions are logged automatically, as well as all pharmacists’ activities. After we updated control codes for check and label printing to support EPSON and Zebra printers, pharmacy staff can print checks and labels directly from their POS. For managers, report creation with a large amount of data and multiple filters became significantly faster.

Upon request from the insurance company that our client collaborates with, the AIS Novations team corrected the transactions and the HTTP connect methods to their API. This led to flawless data exchange through their API, for instance, about prescription drugs.

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