Mobile & Web TeleHealth Apps for Medical Services Optimization

Enabling easily accessible digital doctor-patient appointments

Client and Business Goal

A London-based startup business focused on creating meaningful mHealth and TeleHealth solutions underlying AI and IoT technologies. Caters to European small and medium healthcare enterprises at scale.

Aiming at building products that make the grade and help medical services evolve, the client had an idea of an app that provides patients with an instant on-the-go access to everything around healthcare. To develop the solution from the ground up, the client needed a reliable outsourced partner with an impeccable track record.

AIS Novations completely met the requirements by demonstrating a high-standard expertise in mobile and web engineering while coming up with a sensible ballpark vision of the solution in question.


The team ecreated a healthcare platform enabling users to contact doctors through a robust video conferencing connection. Comprising a web version for medical specialists and a mobile Android app for patients, the solution also serves as a multi-faceted marketplace.

In some ten minutes, users can get an appointment with a doctor, schedule and collect lab tests, request a sick list application or prescription, and order meds to be delivered right to their doorsteps. The platform features in-app payment processing allowing medical staff to obtain fees for their sessions.

Work done

  • Patient, doctor, and admin single-page web and mobile apps development
  • Medical specialist onboarding roadmapping
  • Mockups and interactive prototypes design
  • Solution architecture ideation
  • App screens design
  • Software requirements specification
  • Audiovisual connection automation and fine-tuning


The solution was meant to feature a sophisticated scalable architecture supporting three data-intensive repositories, which made the app orchestration quite a non-trivial task. The team handled a dedicated QA session, managed to adjust the conferencing flow, and ensured a clockwork platform functioning with an unflawed data access.

AIS Team
1Project manager
1Business analyst
2Software developers


AIS Novations delivered fully-functioning MVP mobile and web apps that sit well with the client’s tech requirements. Since the successful Google Play launch and on, the team keeps maintaining and improving the product.

In continuous sync with a remote parallel development team, we managed to grow our scope optimization skills and maxed out progress transparency, which was highly appreciated by the client.

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic context raised the demand in teleHealth solutions and proved the client idea’s feasibility, thus incentivizing them for building a full-blown product version.

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