Dedicated Development Teams

Benefit from our Dedicated Team Model to drive productivity and transparency on your projects by selecting your preferred team from highly trained and experienced candidates.

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The dedicated development team model we offer is targeted at businesses that require a quick turnaround for their development needs and want to incorporate native teams and resources with a specialized external resource.

This approach possesses inherent scalability and can be modified to meet individual requirements, thereby reducing development costs and time to market while retaining complete control over the project vision, milestones, and deliverables.

Reasons to hire a Dedicated Team

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A dedicated team brings transparency in terms of cost, as the hiring and recruitment process is not necessary for the collection of an experienced team with the skill set your business requires.

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Free choice

The model allows your business to freely select individuals that match your requirements and allow the short-listing of candidates based upon their individual experience and expertise. It also allows you to manage the size of the team as you wish.

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Manage the process

With our dedicated team model, you are in control of the entire process from selecting the team to choosing your tech stack and designing the strategy for the project. We take a highly transparent and informed approach to every partnership we create.

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Project Management (PM) and Accounting

We provide a dedicated Account Manager for each project free of charge and allow your company to add a dedicated Project Manager to the team at a reasonable cost. These managerial roles provide data-driven support and efficient handling of the development process so that you will feel confident.

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Transparent reporting

Our team will provide detailed analytics and reporting of each stage of the development process, from costs to milestones and achievements. We create long-term relationships with our clients with no room for error. Each project is handled with the highest regard for integrity and honesty. Some of the reports that you can authorize include:

Daily Progress Reports

Weekly Progress Reports

Monthly Reports

Sprint Reports (For SCRUM Projects)

QA Sign-Off Reports

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Skills and Expertise

The model enables your company to select from our pool of talented individuals that possess a balanced combination of hard and soft skills to create the perfect ecosystem for your development needs.

Pick your service model

You may select from one of the below-mentioned service models according to your company’s specific requirements. The service models we offer include:

Outsourcing All Functions (PM, BA, Development Or QA)

With this model, you will expand your capabilities with the services of a dedicated team that handles all aspects of the development process including management and costs in a transparent manner with comprehensive reporting and communication.

Outsourcing Selected Functions (PM, BA, Development Or QA)

Using this model, you will determine the extent of operations that are outsourced to the dedicated team of your choice and incorporate your own in-house teams effortlessly into the development process.

How Does It Work?


Needs & Requirements Analysis

Scope Definition, Expertise Mapping

Candidate Screening and Team Selection


Team Setup

Environment, Tools, Infrastructure Setup

Process and Methodology Definition

Communication Processes Establishment

Project Kick-Off


Operation Review and Adjustment

Maximum Productivity Achieved and Maintained

Team Size Adjustment (Scale-Up/Down)

Knowledge Accumulation & Sharing

Our Development Forces

Our talent pool comprises individuals that possess in-depth technical knowledge and experience relative to their domains. The allocation of our talent pool according to capabilities is as follows:

Our Developers







Our Tech Stack


Why Choose Us?

You may select from one of the below-mentioned service models according to your company’s specific requirements. The service models we offer include:

360° Visibility And Control

With our service model, you get daily reporting through multiple communication channels paired with regular demonstrations and progress monitoring and clearly defined KPIs to guarantee effective team performance.

Maximum Team Flexibility

We handpick experts to fit directly with the requirements of your project from a talent pool of the market’s top-tier specialists that are available and ready to deliver their services at a moment’s notice.

Transparency And Predictability

We inject seamless communication and full-visibility into the project at every stage of the cycle with regular reporting on the status of each task and direct access to task, project management services, and information using comprehensive documentation.