Frontend Development to Enable Self-Service Checkout Kiosks for a Global QSR Chain

Excellence in web page coding under high time pressure

Client and Project Goals

The client is a consulting agency headquartered in the EU who deliver business-transforming solutions to enterprises in different industries. Together with their customer, a global quick service restaurant (QSR) chain, they were looking for ideas on how to leverage modern technology in order to enhance customer experience. They decided to launch online ordering and contactless self-service checkout kiosks.

To introduce this solution, they needed experienced professionals to code web pages under tight timelines while following strict guidelines with accuracy. AIS Novations demonstrated solid front-end engineering capabilities and won the job.


Given the tight deadline, we had to complete the project on the first try. The AIS team suggested to start with prototyping. It allowed us to double check our approach and validate the client’s requirements.

Work done

  • Project estimation
  • Mockup analysis
  • Page mockup engineering
  • Finished pages verification and validation
  • Code uploading to repository

Interactions enabled

  • Online ordering
  • Credit card payment
  • Menu navigation
  • New-on-the-menu displaying


Apart from tight timelines, the coding was technically peculiar. Our team was to develop the frontend on Angular while strictly observing the client's vision on UI architecture, coding, and components to be used. This posed the biggest challenge. Angular differed from other applicable frameworks in its structure and business logic, and this required occasional refactoring for the solution to function as our client expected.

AIS Team
1Team Lead
1Project Manager
2+ months


We delivered the whole project scope ahead of schedule. The team successfully hit the client's challenge to code 76 pages within two months.

The solution enabled ordering online through a web app and contactless through self-service checkout kiosks. It quickly engaged a wide user audience, enhanced client’s customers loyalty, and brought increased revenue.

Having impressed the client with our engineering capabilities, the AIS Novation’s team was entrusted with another project where we were to develop a frontend with animated screens.

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