AIS Novations



The Customer is a small Canadian company specializing in producing and printing brochures, business cards, posters, postcards, flyers and some other print media materials.


The customer is a large company dealing with diverse internet business solutions, from professional portals till subject communities’ development. The customer had The Customer decided to launch an eCommerce web-site to sell his services online. The company addressed AIS Novations with the request to create an online store based on NopCommerce eCommerce software with an open source code.According to Customer’s requirements, during the development process AIS Novations team had to achieve several goals:

  • Allow to provide a variety of discounts, such as discounts received while using coupons, whole product discounts, discounts for delivery, etc.
  • Create the module for additional type of delivery using the Purolator delivery system.
  • Extend the product search with the option of selection of search criteria.
  • Product base update should be performed by downloading excel document and its processing on the web-site.

Our team introduced the option allowing the additional delivery, performed by the Canadian delivery company Purolator, as a separate module for nopCommerce. The module was created using switch on and switch off options. The setting of parameters required for the order processing was made with the help of Admin Panel in module settings.Moreover, we created the algorithm of product identification in Excel document of any size within a short period of time. The development team used GIT workflow, which allowed us to combine common progress, divide the problem into different levels and made the developers work together. It increased productivity, reduced friction and speeded up the production of the product.All operations that did not demand obligatory reloading were developed with AJAX. Such an approach combined with optimized requirements to the database provided the Customer with high speed of data update at any section of a page. The option which allows to offer numerous types of discounts, such as discounts to the seller’s price list, to the product type, discounts using the promo code, etc., was developed so that the discount settings were arranged separately in Admin Panel.


Using the basic nopCommerce functionality, AIS Novations has improved it for developing a store with the unique system of shopping with discounts. The solution was developed in time and with high quality of deliverables. At the output the Customer received a high-speed working web-site with online store, which contains a broad variety of discount options, a project-independent module for the delivery performed by the Canadian delivery company Purolator, and the products base updated automatically at the web-site. The app allows users to order goods with/without discounts, receive their purchase with the help of the one of the most famous Canadian courier company and perform all that in a fast and convenient way.

Technologies and Tools
  • Entity Framework
  • Nopcommerce 2.8
  • GIT
  • jQuery
  • 460 hours