AIS Novations


Online Shopping Aggregator


The customer is a large company dealing with diverse internet business solutions, from professional portals till subject communities’ development. The customer had the idea of creating multifunctional online shopping aggregator where the user could structure, search, view and order goods. AIS Novations team also had to provide the application with the functionality allowing the owners of the presented shops to update information on their product and services in the system. The administrative part had to contain settings of all levels of access on the base of ACL, as well as customers’ and products base administration functionality. The system had to support high load traffic(more than 10 million of users per day).


To meet the customer’s requirements, AIS Novations team suggested to use Node.js as the basic platform from the server’s side with the storage on the base of MongoDB. The architecture of the application was built according to MVC paradigm on the engine created especially for that purpose. To speed up the work of the application, it was decided to organize all the users’ sessions using data cashing service in memcached memory.The customer’s request to provide regular update of the store data on the products from the generated with the stores YML files was fulfilled using the combination of CRON + memcacheQ.Frontend was divided into three main parts: end user, personal accounts of the shops and the administrative part. AIS Novations specialists have chosen HTML5, CSS3, and JS as target technologies for developing the end user part and the personal accounts of the shops. For the administrative part we used the ExtJS framework.

Typical Server
Node.js Server

The project was completed with success.expenses is about 13 months. As a result, we have developed a solid system, which is able to support high load traffic. All data between system components is being transported in the common JSON format and system can be scaled easily according to web server as well as according to database (DB). The application gives numerous advantages to all users involved in the process of buying and selling, allowing to structure, search, view and order goods with less efforts and time.

Technologies and Tools
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • ExtJS
  • memcached
  • memcacheQ
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
Business Domain:
  • E-commerce