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Dedicated Team Model for a Startup Launch

Nika Chizh

December 20, 2021

An idea to create a new application is not only an inspiring journey but a challenge. It needs to result in a clean, efficient, and neat MVP, custom-tailored cloud solution, or a full-cycle service. Lacking skills and expertise, having immature infrastructure, and seeking the best price-quality ratio may impede their successful implementation. Hiring a dedicated team (DT) allows for a successful startup launch.

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What Dedicated Team Stands for

This modern IT outsourcing model involves two parties: a client with an idea and a software vendor that acts as a middleman. The main task of the latter is to team programmers and other members with the necessary skill sets and experience to implement the client’s business ideas over the long term. They are managed either by clients themselves or by the vendor’s project manager.

“PM's skills include creating a project backlog, facilitating a clear collaboration between all members, and a personal understanding of the code development intricacies. 68% of clients prefer to have skilled dedicated project managers.”

When to Bring It into Play

To have the ability to focus on core competencies, clients prefer to entrust a dedicated development team with a proficient project accomplishment.

  • Startups with the need to scale fast.
  • Businesses with tight deadlines.
  • Young companies seeking a sure-fire way to build a high-quality product faster and more efficiently.
  • Clients with high urgency to address a particular challenge without distracting the in-house experts.
  • Upswing organizations with a constant hiring need for their fast-paced projects.
  • Enterprises, especially with a limited budget, requiring specific and rare expertise.
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Pros and Cons of Hiring a DT to succeed in a Startup

This popular model is an excellent tool to achieve specific business goals as well as a guarantee of successful and timely project completion.

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Attention! Choosing a DT Vendor

Selecting a vendor can be nerve-racking. A reliable DT vendor will become your trusted partner who will keep your startup running smoothly. Here are some tips to bear in mind when choosing the right vendor for you.

Company. Evaluate the company’s portfolio and website. Verify the vendor’s portfolio as to the experience in delivering services similar to your startup: number and types of projects and clients, technology stack, and industry expertise. Other clients’ feedback, team interaction, and solutions based on new IT trends are a key indication that you will be provided with high-quality services. A functional, intuitive, and well-optimized website with a good design demonstrates convincingly the ability to provide these qualities for your product.

Team. For the vendor to be able to set up the right experts, you need to prepare requirements that include a project description, tasks, team size, desired workflow, and expected results of the outsourced relationship.

Final thoughts

A dedicated team with experience in similar projects, business sectors, or industries will not only deliver your idea but also offer a look from a different perspective with a unique solution. 100% immersion in the project and business specifics will result in finding ways of cost reduction while increasing the final product's value. Simply outline the expected level of qualification and experience and let the vendor quickly do the rest.

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