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We deliver full-blown and powerful applications through a range of dot NET development services that help you improve profitability while balancing the demands of today's technology landscape.

Leverage the scalability and stability of the .NET technologies to create software and web solutions that are compatible, diverse, and suited to meet the needs of your growing business and market demands.

What is .NET and why do we use it?

.NET technologies are a family of programming languages built specifically for their versatile use in designing web applications of varying complexity. A part of the .NET family is the ASP.NET framework that supports the development of websites and web apps, being further divided into the WebForms category (small to medium applications) and the MVC Framework category (enterprise-grade solutions).

At AIS, we specialize in crafting tailor-made web solutions using the versatility of  .NET technologies to directly translate your business goals and objectives into concrete software solutions.

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Less Coding and Lower Cost

The framework allows us to work with an object-oriented approach to programming that eliminates the need for unnecessary strings and chunks of code that boggle down the web application and instead allow blocks of code to be reused across the software for greater speed and functionality while taking much less time to complete development.

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Versatile Deployment

The .NET framework makes deployment easier with features like no-impact applications, private modules, managed code sharing, side-by-side versioning, and partially trusted code. The code execution environment supports stable code execution for reduced conflicts in software deployment and versioning and minimizes scripted or interpreted process performance problems.

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Reliable Performance

.NET provides power to web applications like no other framework is capable of. Its fast response times and amazing performance is what has made it a choice for high usage platforms like StackOverflow and others.
Security and Protection

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Security and Protection

.NET provides enhanced security in applications as web applications built using ASP.NET have setup and validation on Windows. Managed code and CLR provide safeguard features such as role-based security and secure access to code.

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Any App, Any Platform

From mobile applications running on iOS and Android, business server applications running on Windows Server and Linux, or cloud-run high - scale microservices, .NET provides you with a solution that is deployable across a variety of platforms and environments.

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Integration with Legacy Systems

.NET 's ability to quickly and easily process all types of XML documents and write any file format provides multiple integration routes that increase the compatibility of your web applications.

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Take Advantage of Our .NET Technology Competence

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Why Choose .NET?

Scalable Products

.NET provides the ability to scale existing web applications by any degree as the need arises, so the solutions you develop today will remain relevant and applicable for longer with the ability to enhance features easily as time and requirements progress.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

If you need the application that works across platforms. NET will be a great choice as most platforms are covered and you can minimize development effort by extending your desktop or mobile app to other operating systems.

Enterprise-Scale Infrastructure

Mostly, .NET is designed for business use, and Microsoft ensures that it offers the widest possible set of tools for the development and cross-integration of enterprise products, both internal and external. It also promotes a robust ecosystem for enterprise mobility.