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Build event and meeting software solutions designed specifically to increase positive feedback, and deliver efficient data.

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Every conference, event, or trade show involves a number of factors that must be managed properly in order for the event to be successful. These include registration, catering, travel, ticketing, and more. AIS develops custom software that can help you manage every aspect of your event effortlessly and efficiently.
When it comes to web conferences as well, you need reliable software and solutions that can deliver high-quality resources to the participants and allow them to interact and engage fully with the event. We deliver custom-designed solutions that cater to your needs perfectly and efficiently.

Our Events & Meetings Software Development 

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Events & Meetings Software Development

From prototyping to development and deployment, we offer a complete range of product engineering services. XXX delivers full-fledged solutions that cover everything from event planning to remote communication and accounting.

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Integration With 3rd-Party Systems

Synthesis of custom applications with installed systems, such as ERP, CRM, collaboration tools, payment systems, and others.

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Solutions We Develop

Industry experts cite cost reduction, universal availability, greater flexibility, and improved information retention among the top reasons organizations increasingly prefer eLearning to conventional teaching methods.
AIS has been building and customizing eLearning solutions for over a decade and has delivered edtech projects to educational institutions, non‑profits, and startups around the world.

Event Software Solutions

Custom Event Management Software

We develop custom event management software systems for conferences, conventions, seminars, trade shows, fundraisers, and more which include planning and online collaboration tools, as well as software to host live, interactive, virtual meetings and webinars.

Event Registration Software

We build guest booking and registration management software, designed to integrate with hotel and venue sourcing applications which contain features for badge creation, tracking, and guest list management.

Meetings and Web Conferencing Solutions

Meeting Management Solutions

AIS creates custom meeting-management software, including cloud-based platforms, employee access portals, scheduling tools, integration with supporting systems, and more.

Web Conferencing Applications

We develop web conferencing and online meeting software, including browser-based applications, screen and application sharing, video and audio streaming, instant messaging, session recording, voice recognition, and webinar management.

Meeting Attendee Management

We create software that can manage attendee scheduling and tracking, moderator controls during online meetings, attendee engagement, feedback, and meetings analytics modules.

Mobile Event App Solutions

Each event needs a stellar application that helps convey the power behind it. We design the most effective solution for your conference, celebration, or meeting. We offer a feature-rich event service mobile application to participants for events of any size.

Conferences / Tradeshows Apps

Educate your attendees with interactive content and activities. Provide valuable interactions for your sponsors and attendees.

Session Agenda


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Floor Plan


Meetings Apps

Deliver effective education and group communication.

Personal Agenda

Detailed Schedule



Activity Feed


General Info

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Benefits of Our Services

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Manage Multiple Events

Our software will help you manage multiple events with a host of features that put you in charge of every aspect of the event so that event managers are able to focus on driving attendance and engagement.

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Personalized Experience

Custom software allows you to deliver a personalized and customized experience to attendees that cater specifically to their interests and the requirements of your event.

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Stronger Client Relations

A Custom-made event management mobile app is an effective channel for the streamlined delivery of effective communications.

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A positive experience for your customers leads to better retention and the development of a stronger relationship with your clients.

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Positive Feedback

With a custom-made event and meeting management software, you may use integrated live polling, session rating, voting, and survey features to get real-time audience feedback on your content and overall event success.

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Meaningful Insights and Analytics

Insights and metrics can help you measure the success of your events and design and plan for better responses and results in the future.

Technologies We Use

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