AIS Novations


Over five years of successful operation at the IT services market, AIS Novations staff gained experience and have learned how to make maximum use of the acquired knowledge to implement any idea or desire of the customer. We have been doing business with many companies from USA and EU. Our company is steadily evolving and increasing its talent pool. Today we are open to work on complex and challenging projects, and we will gladly be of help to our clients from all over the world. We have a large and varied set of tools and unique techniques to address absolutely any task. Our specialists are well informed in the following industries:

Development Tools

Software products for promotion of merchandise through network marketing. With the help of the Multi-Level Marketing system, you can create an established sales channel, where the profit is made by the activity of buyers. We will help you create effective online tools to organize sales, distribute bonuses and analyze the funds flow.

CRM system

Customer Relationship Management systems. Business automation is the area of focus for AIS Novations. We developed CRM and HRM systems for a number of our clients. These systems let you organize information for the two most important resources of a present day business: employees and customers.

Trade automation

The introduction of automated trading has a positive impact on any business. It greatly simplifies the management and control processes, making them more transparent, reducing shortages, ensuring the growth of trade turnover and much more. We can integrate sales from your site with accounting software, automate purchases from wholesalers and help your customers track the deliveries.