Manual Software Testing Services

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Our software testing team delivers exceptional end-to-end manual testing service taking end user's preferences and usability patterns into consideration. Our meticulous manual testing enables us to ensure your software application is flawless and bug-free by identifying both evident and hidden issues and weaknesses. This ultimately contributes towards creating perfect software that provides a seamless user experience.

Why You Need Manual Testing

Our team works with startups, small, medium and large-scale enterprises providing exceptional apps that make business success on a global scale.

Provides a Blueprint for Automated Testing

Without having an intricate knowledge of software evaluation and quality testing, you can not create an effective automated testing process. Manual software testing takes you and your team through a learning curve which is critical for laying a solid foundation for an automated testing system.

A Faster Economical Testing Method

Automated testing often requires profound knowledge and understanding of programming languages and how different algorithms work. By utilizing manual testing, each QA analyst can choose a test case and check the items one by one.

Ensures the Quality of Aesthetic & Visual Presentation

Qualitative evaluation of aesthetics and the visual layout is one aspect of software that should always be assessed manually. Automated tests evaluate functionality but manual testing is the preferred option for assessing items involving the user interface and experience.

Ideal for Testing Software after Small Updates

While testing a small change, and automation test would require backend coding which is usually time-consuming. Manual software testing is a more financially and time-efficient solution that enables you to test trivial changes and updates directly.

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Manual Testing Services We Offer

With extensive industry experience and access to a multitude of technological resources, we’re able to offer a diverse variety of manual testing services for your software applications. Having years of hands-on experience under their belts, our team of in-house engineers specializes in performing manual tests across a wide range of software applications.

  • Performance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • User Interface Testing
  • Configuration Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Installation Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Integration Testing
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Mobile Manual Testing

Our manual testing experts carry out a comprehensive analysis of your iOS, Android, Windows, and cross-platform applications to identify potential issues and bottlenecks related to software usability, compatibility, and connectivity ensuring your app delivers a flawless experience.

Manual Testing of Native Apps

Manual Testing With Emulators/Simulators

Manual Testing of Cross-platform Apps

Manual Web Testing

Our team of skilled manual testers scrutinizes your web project regardless of their technical complexity and identifies usability, functionality, consistency, and other issues leveraging modern testing techniques to deliver an exceptional web experience to your customers.

UI Testing

API Testing

Browser Compatibility Testing

Our Manual Software Testing Process

Thorough Inspection & Investigation to Define Goals

Interview of key software project stakeholders to identify end goals

Identifies bottlenecks, deficiencies, and risks

Conduct a comprehensive requirement analysis

Identifying Issues & Risks

Brainstorm to find possible solutions considering solution-related risks

Devise a test plan preparation to evaluate readiness

Test case design is created after risk mitigation

Implementation & Deployment of Recommended Solutions

Test case execution is carried out to find issues, bugs, and defects

All the issues and bugs are tracked to ensure they’re addressed

Test report is prepared to notify about the results

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Tools We Use for Manual Testing

To deliver exceptional manual testing services, we utilize a wide variety of tools ensuring zero-bug status.

Test Case Management Tools


Bug Tracking Systems




Operating Systems


Automated QA Testing Technologies

Other QA Testing Service Tools

Other QA Testing Service Tools