AIS Novations

Maintenance and support

Timely upgrade and real-time issue handling

For smooth and trouble-free operation of any online solution, it is necessary to support it and provide regular maintenance. We will help you keep your website functional and up-to-date, as well as to use its features and capabilities at the optimal level. AIS Novations’ qualified team is ready to cope with issues of any complexity and make timely upgrades of the system. We offer the following maintenance and support services:

Website maintenance services

Maintenance of your project after development. Even a well-developed system must be looked after to stay this way. After the analysis of the finished project our specialists will identify potential errors and bugs and correct them asap. Also, we will build a maintenance plan and stick to it to ensure security of the system. AIS Novations’ maintenance team will cope with any unforeseen circumstances with the help of strong technical knowledge, rich experience and a wide range of tools.

Software customization

Customization of software and web applications and their configuration. Wouldn’t it be nice, if your software system could follow and even facilitate your working process? Depending on your specific needs, we will customize an application to match your business processes.


Identification, analysis and correction of errors that can occur. We have rich experience in correcting and fixing various problems and bugs and are able to help you not only to deal with them, but also arrange it so that they will not arise again.

Finishing unfinished projects

Connecting to the project at any stage. Even if the work has been suspended for any reason, our professionals will continue its implementation and complete the project.

Website modernization services

Implementation of advanced technologies and complete Website modernization. With the use of latest technologies, your project can operate much faster and more efficiently. Additionally to migration to more advanced systems, we can arrange staff training on how to use the new web functionality.