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Turn raw data into insightful business models

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Tech-enabled data analytics is huge as long as we live, and AIS Novations knows its way around it. Whether you’re wrestling with resource-consuming routines or falling short of data science expertise, we’ll come up with the right skills combo to get it fixed.

Expect us to package our cognitive computing, mobile, and cross-domain development skills to deliver solutions that pay off by automating sophisticated processes and enhancing bottom lines up to 47%.

Getting technical: our ML development services

To help you leave micro-management headaches behind and trigger business growth, ask us to self-teach your enterprise systems and get disparate digital assets structured. On top of nailing ad hoc requests, we help ideate on new ML apps or build and deploy fully-fledged products and modules as part of your infrastructure in place.

ML-powered problem-solving solutions

Reduce costs and man-hours through business-optimized automation systems. With smart Machine Learning techniques as our power weapon, we can make the entire operational cycle times easier and faster, be it manufacturing, goods allocation or customer support.

Case studies: machine execution, human touch

Passionate about the magic that technology can work, we find each of our projects pretty exhilarating. While we are anticipating a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity from you, be our guest — look at a snapshot on our recent ML development projects.

Enterprise-grade ML & BI-powered inspection SaaS

A web app collecting, visualizing, analyzing, and reporting on-demand data. Used by Fortune 500 firms, the SaaS processes 2M+ checklists yearly, or around 8K daily. Helps garner and digitize data from paper, mobile devices, and browsers on the fly.

  • Graphical & handwritten checklists recognition
  • Data projection & model configuration
  • On- & offline email collection & sorting
  • OCR-supported digital form design
  • OLAP-analytics-based data analysis & reporting
  • Optimized data storage, retrieval & access
  • Automated SaaS deployment, customer addition & support
Hybrid AI/ML-enabled app for recycling startup

A scalable cloud-powered OCR-based system facilitating plastic tare recycling. Underlying visual object recognition, the app enables users to scan and identify labels of more than 20 brand logos via a camera in real time while suggesting the nearest recycling point location.

  • Container manufacturer recognition
  • Access to plastic type & recyclability data
  • Automated user location detection
  • Routing to recycling points
  • QR-code scanning to get in-app currency
  • Token exchange for eco-friendly goods
  • SPA-based CMS
Transportation & AI-powered route planning SaaS

A customizable cloud platform orchestrating logistics, resource tracking, stats analytics, and real-time communication. Manages hundreds of parallel dispatches and thousands of requests, uses AI for route planning, shipment monitoring, and predictive analytics.

  • Distribution hubs & carrier allocation governance
  • Financial & efficiency stats aggregation
  • KPI-enabled performance reporting
  • Estimated time of arrival notification
  • Transportation documentation management
  • Invoicing & cash on delivery & facilities
  • Quotation, billing, & settlement control
  • Integration to eCommerce services, WMS, CRM & ERPs
Educational speech recognition tool

An interactive offline PWA enabling accessibility of reading lessons within ELA classrooms. Automates audiovisual support and targeted instruction, runs across all major browsers, provides in-built educational challenges, motivates students for learning achievements.

  • Speech recognition
  • Lexile reading metrics implementation
  • Text & image compression
  • Real-time stats generation
  • Personalized materials libraries
  • Progress monitoring & stimulation
  • Common Core State Standards compliance

Come leave us a note — our hearts skip a beat as a new partner knocks our doors. Take a moment to describe your challenge and expect us to offer a convenient time slot for a call.