Kooboo CMSKooboo CMS is ideal if your business model requires management of several brands or working at the international market. It is a single CMS solution that enables to set up and manage multilingual websites on one computer. Sharing some common content, local sub-sites will offer specific services and content bound to local markets. Moreover, optimized for performance, Kooboo is a robust high traffic solution.
Thousands of multinational companies, which use Kooboo based websites, enjoyed fast website development and deployment. On average 30% less time spent compared with other CMSs led to considerable time and money savings.
Kooboo supports numerous corporate functions, such as workflow management, version control, publishing and an integration service.
Our team also chose Kooboo when we developed websites without database connection. This proves useful for presentation websites and small projects.
If you need Kooboo website development, support of the existing Kooboo solution or a custom module creation, please, contact us.

Features and advantages

– Site inheritance – multiple sites’ setup based on one CMS with common visitors
– Multi-language support
– Role based access to different websites and to different content
– Easy content management – one can edit content directly in the front end site (inline editing) without referring to the admin panel
– Content broadcasting – creation of common content types for different sites, e.g. news, blogs, articles, comments, etc.
– Creation of common HTML blocks to be shared by different pages
– Custom design for parent and child websites
– Media library to store files
– Version control and roll back to previous versions
– Custom Kooboo plug-ins and modules development
– SEO sensitive, including smart URLs, Robots.txt configuration for search engines
– Quick and easy installation by simple copying of system directory

We offer

– New website development with Kooboo CMS
– Conversion of your existing static HTML website into a Kooboo website
– Website design, structure and workflow customization according to your needs
– Easy version update of existing sites (import and export of site content and settings)
– Development of different Kooboo modules and page plugins
– Migration of an existing website to Kooboo CMS
– Kooboo website integration with other solutions
– Documentation and staff training for Kooboo website deployment
– Support and maintenance