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At AIS Novations, we focus on reliability, transparency and integrity so you may build sustainable gains through stable solutions that deliver your best performance without compromise.

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At AIS, we are proud of the relationships we have built through the years with our clients. We have been successful in providing quality services on each project due to our business-focused approach that integrates transparency, automation, and an innovative spirit. Whether it is a Kanban, Waterfall, Agile, or Scrum approach, we provide comprehensive specialization that respects your budget and schedule.

Process of Collaboration

When you reach out to AIS with your idea and creative inspiration, our team helps you translate the vision into an applicable strategy that addresses your requirements perfectly. With our expertise, you can convert an abstract idea into a solution through a detailed analysis of the technologies, capabilities and functionalities you require. We guarantee the safety and security of your sensitive information through our strict non-disclosure policy.

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Collaborate On A New Project

We create a complete analysis of the business strategy and feasibility study for your project and determine the optimal balance between functionality and resources for your specific market.

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Add Resources to Existing Projects

We devise a detailed evaluation of your application and determine the proper avenues for improvement and capability enhancement with a targeted and focused approach

We offer three specifically designed contract options so that you, our client, can choose what best suits your needs. These include:

Fixed Price

Time & Materials

BFS (Budget with Floating Scope)

Factors that can help you determine the type of contract that is most beneficial for your project include:


Required functionalities

Availability of documentation

Availability of reporting

Project depth or scale

Personalized requirements

Once a contract type is selected and signed (via email), our team begins working on the project. Depending on the scale, each project is divided into stages of two to four weeks each. You only pay for results that are approved, and any revisions or changes during development are delivered at no additional cost. Once the project is completed, our team is available for support and error-resolution services.

Full-Cycle Development Process

Kick-Off Stage

Project comprehension

Requirement analysis

Team formation

Technical flow-mapping

Rough draft app design

Development Stage

Project road mapping

Progress status updates

Finalization and ode review

Continuous QA and final testing

New product deployment

Maintenance and support

Сontinuous monitoring of  server

Performing ‘’zero bug’’ inspections  

Eradicating  issues

Continuing  support and maintenance

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Kick-off Stage

A team consisting of a business analyst (BA), a designer, and a project manager (PM) work simultaneously to maximize the effectiveness of the requirement collection process.

The PM is responsible for organizing the development process including: the daily meetings, the timing control, the outcome of each stage, the budget, and issue resolution.

The BA analyzes the business processes and creates optimal solutions, collects requirements and brings them into the proper format, solves the logical problems of the system, and finds solutions.

A designer is responsible for developing all visuals of the future system including the User Interface, the drawable components, as well as transitions and effects.

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Development Stage

Based on the process plan developed during the initial stages, the team begins the development process according to the predetermined milestones working simultaneously on the front and back end of the project.

The result of each stage is submitted to a comprehensive testing cycle where any bugs and errors are identified and fixed. This step is followed by a quality analysis that ensures the absence of technical and logical errors, usability testing, load testing, etc.

The team simultaneously develops the specifications for the next milestone while considering the results of the previous stage while incorporating new ideas and changes.

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Once all modules are ready, a team consisting of a Project Manager, a Business Analyst, a Developer, a DevOps specialist, and a Team Lead begins the process of deployment of the software on your system. The configuration, customization, performance testing, training and stability testing are carried out during this stage.

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Also, we provide you with maintenance, monitoring, and support services for all types of software, applications, and systems aimed at preventative, perfective, corrective and adaptive objectives. In case of errors or troubleshooting, our team will be available for consultation. We are always prepared to support our products, and your business.

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We always emphasize to our clients how crucial it is to have a PM on the project and that a standard dev + QA package may not be enough. Why? To make things clearer for you, we’ve placed all the pros and cons of hiring a PM in a single doc. Download the PM Expertise Profile to make better-informed decisions on your IT team composition.

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