AIS Novations

History and Goals

Company History

AIS Novations was founded in Minsk and initially operated as “Creative Agency Mango.” The company provided a full range of services in the area of design and development of small websites, including catalogs, e-stores and corporate websites. With hard work and a strong desire to improve, the team managed to become a worthy player at the IT market rather quickly. Just one year later, customers not only from Belarus but also from other countries began to request our services. An extensive portfolio, much positive feedbacks and our creative approach to the process became our lucky ticket to a successful future.
After the first year of work the staff expanded to nine persons. The company moved to a sunny upmarket office and purchased top notch hardware. A very important stage of its development began. For the whole next year, the company strengthened its hold on the international market. At the same time, technologies were actively implemented that opened up new opportunities and significantly increased the productivity and quality of work of our employees. When the number of employees grew to 15 people, the first specialized departments were created: programming, HTML/CSS coding, design and QA.
Over the next two years, the company continued its development, attracted new customers and changed its offices twice. As a result, the management chose a large business center that allowed us to create comfortable working environment and provided ideal opportunities for further progress. Now the company employs more than 50 employees in Belarus alone and is renamed into AIS Novations. But this is not the end of our history – this is just the beginning.

Our goals

  • Rapid financial and professional growth of the company;
  • Reliable social security of the employees and guaranteed high salary;
  • Participation in large-scale international projects, gaining experience in the development and progress at the market of advanced technological services;
  • Continuous improvement of the development processes and of the quality of our services.