What you should know before hiring a PM

A 6-min read to help you manage your project and decide whether your project needs a PM at all

Do you really need a Project Manager? Hiring pros & cons.

There are many reasons why hiring a PM may become a life-changer for your IT product. The key one is that there’ll be a person keeping a close eye on your project progression for you to ideate on the strategy and plan your future growth. Documentation management, quality and deadlines management, cost control, team spirit and motivation, client communication are only a few of the PM’s duties, but they nonetheless seem overwhelming just as you read it, let alone actually doing it.

Still, in order to save some dollars, clients may opt for a PM-less project. In this Expertise Profile you’ll find what tasks you’ll have to do yourself (or find someone to do it for you) to keep your project running smoothly, without a PM. For those in between, there’s plenty of PM insights in this doc to help you see what you gain if you add a PM to the team (or lose, if not).

Download the PM Expertise Profile to make better-informed decisions on your IT team composition.