HQ - ERP system for IT companies

Internal information system for managing clients, projects, employees, and finance of an outsource IT company.

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The solution helped us automate business processes, which translated into reduced risks by 90% and 2x faster work order management.
Sergey Galuza, Founder

What is HQ?

HQ is an ERP system internal information system for managing clients, projects, employees, and finance of a typical outsource IT company. HQ is designed to ensure efficient day-to-day business activities such as project management, accounting, risk management, and resource management.

  • Ensure efficient monitoring of all project statuses
  • Provide convenient tools for resource management
  • Provide a convenient internal tool for invoicing customers
  • Ensure displaying of real-time company results based on various reports
Business Goals
  • Reduce risks through transparent financial controls
  • Improve business insight from real-time information generated in reports
  • Lower management and operational costs
Intended Audience
  • HQ is used by company owners, top company management, project managers, and sales managers.
Potential clients
  • IT companies
  • Digital Agencies
  • Marketing Companies
  • Design Agencies


We developed an ERP system that comprises multiple modules, including capabilities for:

Sales & Service

Close more deals

Find and build stronger relationships, improve productivity and performance, optimize resources, and reduce operational costs.

  • Benchmarking - Get the metrics you need to improve your operations
  • Reporting - Create customized reports showcasing KPIs and team performance
  • Build Transparency - Send updates to ensure transparency to peers, managers, and executives
  • Improve Productivity - Automatically collect information for data-driven service delivery
  • Salary and Sales Bonus calculating

Resource Management

Elevate your Human Resources

Improve resource management efforts and drive business efficiency, and make less work of workforce administration.

  • Employees page - See the list of employees so that you can analyze information in a more convenient way. (here you can see employees position, skills, rates, city, etc.)
  • CV - Editor - Create/Edit employees CVs. Generate employees’ CVs depending on the required skills and parameters to send to your client
  • Human Resource Calendar - Calendar allows you to display the planned project load and track the time on the project so that resource managers can easily view and change the employees' workload.

Risk Management

See risks that are not apparent

Manage risks and incidents across the company in a single solution, minimize surprises, timely identify trouble spots,and analyze and evaluate risks.

  • Incident Management - Ensure proactive and efficient IT incident management
  • Automation - Automate your risk identification and assessment
  • Dashboards and Alerts - Ensure everyone is on the same page with alerts and easy-to-use dashboards

Project Management

Run workflows that work for you

Move from reactive to predictive operations, automate and simplify your project management, and maximize the life of your assets.

  • Project Accounting — Get real-time visibility into budget spending, receivables and profitability across projects and portfolios.
  • Project Planning — Build dynamic project plans that automatically adjust to changing conditions.
  • Human Resources — Easily allocate resources to tasks based on availability, demand, and skills.


Grow your business—faster

Redefine your traditional global financial management,automate processes to increase efficiency, and decrease operational expenses and financial complexities.

  • Real-time Information — Improve performance with real-time finance metrics and dashboards.
  • Report with Accuracy — Drill down into underlying finance details and understand the impact on your business.
  • Streamline planning, forecasting and budgeting — Leverage planning, budgeting, and forecasting capabilities to easily adjust plans and forecasts, speed up budget and closing cycles.
Our profit has increased by 25% due to rejection of unprofitable projects and reallocation of resources
Vitaly Yurkevich, CEO
HQ helped us to allocate the resources to the projects more efficiently based on their availability, demands and skills as well as to keep tracking on the projects and their overall statuses, risks and problems in the real time.
Alex Tsuranov, VP of Delivery

Management process automation

Reduce manual and spreadsheet-based processes by up to 70% by using one management system including financials, project management, account management, and sales.

Reports for Top Management

The system has a specialized reporting tool that allows creating all reports on the fly. It helps us make informed business decisions on sales, services, business processes, financials, and much more.

Importance of Resource Management

Our revenue has increased by 15% due to more efficient human resource management. Now we can see all employees’ workload and reallocate resources as needed.

Improvement of financial performance

Monitor your financial receipts and plan your revenue. We have reduced late payments from customers by 80% through the introduction of HQ.

Keep Abreast

Real-time visibility across the business, with 24/7 access from any browser.