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Harness our software development expertise to build custom eLearning solutions.

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eLearning solutions account for greater cost optimization, resource management and more significant learning efficiency across various industries that have opted for such technology deployment.

We have been designing and developing customized eLearning solutions for over a decade and have delivered EdTech projects to educational institutions, non‑profits, and startups around the world.

Our eLearning Software Development

Take advantage of our expertise to develop customized eLearning solutions for your industry.

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Education Sector

Invigorate your learning process through state-of-the-art EdTech applications for the delivery of an enriched learning experience that combine your curriculum requirements with efficient content delivery to cater to your global audience.

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Corporate Sector

Ensure the continuous improvement and training of your workforce to enable them to meet the challenges of an evolving business environment through customized eLearning platforms that allow your employees to learn on-the-go.

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Non-profit Sector

Our software solutions help you ensure consistent employee training, engagement, and training to meet your industry requirements such as strict accountability, high employee turnover, and meeting deadlines.

Solutions We Develop

We develop unified eLearning software platforms that will help you integrate various aspects of training for more efficient utilization of time and resources while maintaining secure collaboration among participants and providing extensive reporting.

Learning Management System (LMS)

We develop comprehensive, feature-rich Learning Management Systems that boost communication and collaboration between instructors and trainees.

Built-in content management modules and rich multimedia editors

Well-balanced course scheduling and planning for effective course delivery

Online communication through course chatrooms, embedded messaging systems, and social networking features

Individual areas for students and tutors to structure learning content and follow the training activities.

eLearning Platforms

We build eLearning Platforms that can address the unique requirements of your business while ensuring dynamic interaction between the participants for more significant results.

Easy administration of learning materials on desktop and mobile devices

Constant control over student progress, trainee performance, and preferences to deliver a deeply personalized learning experience

Simplified collaboration with training providers, built-in mechanisms for e-learning billing and payment

Up-to-date analytics to assess learning program effectiveness, learners’ and tutors’ productivity and more

mLearning Solutions

We create optimized mobile Learning platforms and solutions that enable the unrestricted delivery of educational content for a more comfortable learning experience.

Comprehensive learning management features for iOS and Android platforms

Consistent look and feel of e-learning materials to ensure learning process continuity

Timely access to references and resources aligned with learners’ abilities to retain knowledge

Caching and syncing capabilities to help users access educational materials without an internet connection

Benefits of Our Services

Reliability and Scalability

Supports an unlimited number of learners

Provides an optimal learning experience for millions of concurrent users

Designing microservice-based, fault-tolerant architectures

All-Encompassing Flexibility

Modular system architecture that facilitates future changes

Flexible, extensible course builders

Adjustable learning paths that reflect the learner’s progress


Third-party eLearning solutions capabilities

Seamless and secure data exchange with enterprise systems

Collaboration tools and task managers

Online payment portals

Compliance And Accessibility

Major eLearning standards such as SCORM, xAPI and AICC

Data security standards for 3rd-party integrations such as PSI DSS

Data privacy regulations

Accessibility guidelines

Superior Ease Of Use

Simple navigation along the entire learning path

Streamlined teacher-student interactions

Distraction-free learning environment

Mobile-friendly UX and UI design

Cost Reduction

КAutomating onboarding, evaluation, and professional certification to reduce training costs

Developing fully-owned custom solutions to avoid subscription fees and expensive future upgrades

Implementing white-label functionality to open new revenue channels

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Technologies We Use

Front End Technologies


Mobile Technologies


Back-End Technologies






Infrastructure technologies