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We are an international custom software development company specializing in ETL and BI software development. Our 12-year long experience, ample talent pool of 200+ engineers, and deep industry knowledge allow us to deliver efficient smart solutions that fuel your business growth.

Our ETL & Business Intelligence services

Explore our ETL & BI services. Contact us to find out more on what we can deliver for you.

Choose the Business Intelligence software platform

Whether it is an End-to-end enterprise, Mobile BI application, or a two-in-one option that you need, we can do it in strict compliance with your requirements, budget and set timeframes.

End-to-End Enterprise Solution
  • Unify siloed data sources
  • Get immediate access to the single source of truth for your company
  • AI-powered data management algorithms
  • Take advantage of the insightful visuals and superior automation practices to maximize system autonomy
  • Seamless batch/real-time data processing for reliable updates
  • Secure and scalable solution that grows together with your business

Transform a day-to-day decision-making process in your company with the ground-breaking custom BI platform.

Mobile BI Application
  • Access all your crucial data on the go
  • KPIs and centralized vision of the company’s progress at any moment in time
  • Customer analytics (transactions history, customer-brand relations management, customer engagement, client churn control, omnichannel marketing, etc.)
  • Insightful reporting by periods, business lines, departments, etc. in the format of your choice
  • Powerful visualizations
  • Clean design and reliable performance

A new-gen mobile solution for your business extension. All your business insights on the palm of your hand.

Power BI Integration

Enrich your Microsoft ecosystem with a new mighty tool. Power BI fits so well into the Microsoft tool suite and allows cool synergy with Exchange, Office 365, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Excel, Cortana, Teams as well as 3rd party systems. Powerful backend for hassle-free extracting, transforming and loading. Robust frontend to take advantage of visualization capabilities.

Embed these and more custom-built features into your BI app to gain a new competitive edge with us. Opt for outstanding ETL migration experts with profound dashboard development expertise. Contact us with your project’s details – we will provide a budget estimation and timeframes.

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