Our employees always apply individual approach to each client to create the most comfortable and trusting atmosphere.

We offer you several methods of communication and our managers will be happy to assist you via Skype, email and phone.

Depending on your personal preferences, we will be happy to offer you the communication means most suitable for you:



uslThe main and most popular way of communication is Skype, as with it you will be able to communicate both in text chat and through voice communication. Our friendly managers speak English and German, and are always ready to answer any of your questions regarding our company.


crmYou can also easily contact us by email. Write to us, and we will reply to you with a quote in the next 24 hours.


crmAnother efficient and convenient way of communication is mobile connection. We have telephone numbers in Belarus and the United States. While this does not meet everybody’s convenience, it will help you find out all necessary information.


calcBesides this, you are always welcome to visit our office in Belarus in person, or arrange a personal meeting with our manager in any place convenient for you.


It should be mentioned that during the day we set aside a period of one hour for communication with a manager regarding each project, but if you are interested in something in particular, you can get an answer to your question at any time.

We also offer great opportunities for discussion and monitoring of each project:

Screen sharing

crmDuring the discussion of the project progress in Skype conference, we use screen sharing, which lets you see everything that happens on the manager’s desktop, discuss every detail of the project and make specific amendments swiftly. This method is very convenient when you have several people in the network, because each of them can comment on the basis of visual material


crmIn addition to all this, if necessary, you will be able to communicate directly with the engineer who works on your task and discuss any questions with him or her.


calcThe important point is that we provide our clients with full reports on the work completed. One of the most convenient ways is using the specialized application Redmine, designed for project management, where in a real time environment you can track how we are progressing on your project.