Workflow Automation & Customer Request Management Web Platform

Introducing a streamlined approach to client challenge resolution

Client and Business Goal

Our client is a Cyprus-based provider of copywriting, translation, and localization services from native-speaking specialists, focused on niche domains. To generate more leads and enhance major business workflows, the client required a robust independent web service for customer request processing. The outsourced vendor competition proved AIS Novations’ uncompromised reliability, along with quality web engineering and ETL solution development skills, which was decisive for the choice.


Our team has created a platform for translation service orders processing, customer resolution control, and search of employment for linguistics, proofreading, and editorial experts.


  • Due to the external XTRF service API issues and availability failures, the integration process was badly bottlenecked. The team suggested declining the idea of API-enabled connection and opting for alternative techniques, which proved to be a sensible approach.
  • Midway through the project, the client came up with multiple change requests and let their stakeholders manipulate the deliverables while keeping us completely away from what they did. AIS Novations managed to move the progress back in sync, offered several mockup improvements, and revamped the solution with regards to the updated concept.
AIS Team
1QA Specialist
Project duration: 3.5 years, work in progress


The team delivered a fully-fledged, resilient, and scalable solution independent from third-party platforms, with an eye to all the target business specifics. With the first product version successfully launched, the client considers delegating us with quants functionality upgrades and new modules development. Currently, AIS Novation provides the client with continuous tech maintenance, update, and support.

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