Speech Recognition Tool for an Offline Educational PWA

Making interactive reading classes more accessible

Client and Business Goal

Client is a US-based educational software provider focused on building free of charge solutions to foster global literacy.

Being halfway through their signature project development, the client got stuck with the lack of engineering resources for building a new sophisticated computational tool. The expertise in question was deep learning, ETL, QA, and cross-platform development.

Considering AIS Novations partnership approach, along with a track record in big data, AI, and business automation, our team was selected as the closest fit for the client’s team extension.


Designed for targeted instruction and audiovisual support automation within the ELA classroom, the solution is a progressive web app able to smoothly function, regardless of the internet connection quality. The system flawlessly runs across the major browsers, enabling teachers to easily manage the studying process and organize an intuitively engaging experience for students.

By providing a multitude of in-built educational challenges throughout the daily lexile reading practice, the app motivates students for greater learning achievements. Above that, the solution helps develop mental and verbal skills while aiding teachers and parents in assessing each child’s potential and progress.

Personalized libraries

Based on reading skills level, the solution automatically builds a dedicated collection of books for each student.

  • Unlimited texts for grades from K-12
  • Achievement-based selection updates
  • Numerous topic categories
  • Subject-matter articles and commentaries
Progress monitoring & stimulation

All the texts are adapted to naturally cultivate the agility of mind while continuously challenging student’s attention and measuring skills level.

  • Initial adaptive assessment
  • Versatile lexile metrics implementation
  • Embedded assessments within each text
  • Written-response, multiple-choice, and cloze tests
Work done
  • Existing functionality performance optimization
  • Comprehensive QA audit and bug fixing
  • Text and image compression functionality engineering
  • Speech recognition techniques implementation
  • Angular 5 to Angular 8 version update
  • Tech guidelines development for the client’s team
  • Testing documentation for the QA team
Student performance dashboard

The module gives educators real-time access to the stats on individual students and overall class comprehension, reading behavior, and knowledge growth over time.

  • Instructions and categories correction
  • Individual reading goals setting and completion tracking
  • Lexile scores monitoring
  • Achievement leaderboard
  • In-app social network for student-teacher communication


The critical requirement was to ensure the app’s standalone functioning so as the internet connection breaches couldn’t be a blocker. To manage to introduce fault-tolerant speech recognition capabilities within any conditions, the team encoded the required techniques directly into the browser.

As it was necessary to do without Amazon, Azure or Chrome speech APIs, we utilized a WASM module to deploy the native code to the browser while handling Javascript-enabled integration. To ultimately improve the app’s search performance, AIS Novations applied the database sharding approach.

Also, the team made it to max out the browser’s recognition accuracy through extensive organic training and dedicated word stock implementation. For institutional-grade approval, the app content was fully aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

AIS Team
5Software Developers
2QA Engineers
Client Location: USA
Project Duration: 1.5 years


  • Available for free, the solution quickly engaged a wide user audience while promoting literacy, garnering positive feedback, and building a tight-knit education contributors community worldwide.
  • AIS Novations made a monumental investment to their teamwork karma by brilliantly tackling parallel product engineering and testing, irrespective of acting within distributed teams in need of non-stop cooperation.

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