An Auction Platform to Benefit Auctioneers and Bidders


Our client, Specure, provides a B2B service dealing with online trades. Specure works with telecom regulators, operators, and other partners worldwide. The client’s idea was to develop an auction platform that would allow telecom operators to buy land in insufficiently covered territories to better organize their coverage.

“At first, the client commissioned AIS Novations to a small scope for a full-stack developer. Later on, the involvement of an expert who was able to work with data arrays, maps, and Elastic Search was required. Finally, the collaboration grew into a full project.”
AIS Novations Account Manager


The AIS Novations team took up the challenge to develop a platform with a string of implementations allowing for a hassle-free auction experience for all bid participants. 

“It was a B2B project, so we needed to adapt the interface and logic to several of our client’s customers. It led to significant changes in the code.”
AIS Novations Dev Team
1Account Manager
Jan 2019 — Today


During platform development, the AIS Novations team needed to focus on the following:

  • Information on auction status should always be available to the bidders in real-time mode without needing to reload the page.
  • There should be some features implemented allowing for convenient collaboration between the auctioneer and the bidders.
  • The system should correspond to certain industry security standards.
“In each bid, the participants are comprised of an auctioneer and 3 to 4 bidding companies with 1 to 2 representatives from each company. At the moment, this solution covers 3 countries. In one country, the auction has been successfully completed, in the others, the preparations for launch are underway.”
AIS Novations Dev Team

Java 8EcmaScript 6TypeScript 3HTML5CSS3
Angular 9Spring Boot 2
Web Development
NginxPostgreSQLAmazon DynamoDBDebian
“The interface and logic of the client’s application have been developed based on Angular 9.”
AIS Novations Dev Team

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