Multi-Currency SaaS Lending Service with RTL UI Design

Reinventing digital loan management Arabian style

Client and Business Goal

A Saudi Arabian FinTech enterprise involved in building innovative insurance and lending solutions.

Bound by the Arabia-specific business restrictions, the client’s company was obliged to provide zero-fee loans exclusively. No out-of-the-box solutions to the challenge were marketed, so the firm reached out to outsourced contractors.

The task was to custom-build a highly-automated and slick loan management system able to smoothly fit into their existing quants infrastructure. With excellent mobile engineering and FinTech expertise among the client’s search priorities, AIS Novations had a fair edge, which helped win over the partnership.


The team handled a full-cycle development of an SaaS platform that streamlines lending workflows for businesses and individuals alike. Comprising 3 applications, the system introduces an integral approach to fund management while generating legitimate low-risk financial support channels.

  • The admin app allows to control user access, manage lenders and their subscriptions, and keep track of loan repayment.
  • The client web and mobile apps enable users to manage clients and their loans while tracking their assets performance.
  • The apps’ dashboards display comprehensive loan stats and allow parameter-based filtering.
Other features
  • Customized Sharia-compliant finance system logic
  • RTL (right-to-left) graphic design
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support
  • Two-factor authentication security
Tech stack
  • Node.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • React.js


Before wrestling with a spaghetti code the client got from their previous underqualified contractor, AIS Novations undertook a thorough business analysis and tech audit.

The team suggested first testing the waters with a web MVP to check the solution’s consistency. The client okayed the idea, and the initiative proved to be a success. AIS Novations built, designed, and drive-tested web and mobile apps alike, which ensured the system’s fault-tolerance and clockwork running through both platforms.

AIS Team
1Business analyst
1UI designer
1Project Manager
1Front-end developer
1Back-end software developer
Client Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Project Duration: 2 years


From the initial concept of a simple notebook-like app, the project expanded into an exclusive and technically refined large-scale system with wide prospects across the Arabian finance market. AIS Novations team got a perfect chance to grow its engineering muscle with unique Islamic banking and finance expertise while honing the RTL design skills.

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