Three Portals as a Website for Products Distribution Based on the Network Marketing Model


RBC-Life is an international company headquartered in the US. It manufactures and distributes cosmetic and medical products, vitamins, nutritional supplements, food, and hygiene items. The company functions as an MLM business where its distributors obtain rewards for the acquisition of new customers.

At first, the website developed by our client was a simple portal for users and operators. We have fundamentally changed the project and implemented new features and technologies. Over ten years of cooperation, we have helped the company to enter new markets in 15 countries.
AIS Novations Project Manager


Our main challenge was to divide a single website into three portals: for users, for administrators, and personal sites, ensuring their smooth collaboration while allowing for the performance of functions for each of the users.

During project implementation, we have always been in touch with our client and turned their feedback into action.
AIS Novations Project Manager
Nov 2008 — Nov 2018


  • The website is divided into three portals — each being multilingual and multiregional.
  • Payment mechanisms and a report generation system have been added, and the databases have been optimized.
  • Workflows between the financial department and marketing have been set up.
  • The reporting system has been relocated from DevExpress to Angular.
  • Import Export Manager (IEM) has been embedded with mechanisms to import/export data between the website database and the internal database.
  • A communication portal has been developed for users to be able to chat with each other within the User portal.
  • The goods flow and shipment process have been automated.
We have redesigned the portals once a year. Once in a while, we have updated DotNetNuke, optimized and refined the system to properly work with DNN.
AIS Novations Dev Team

EvoqMicrosoft SQL ServerAjaxGitjQueryDevExpressSubversionVSOTelerik
To create the interface as required, we used two UI libraries: Telerik and DevExpress. They both allow for the creation of a better solution in less time. ASP.NET is reliable, fast, and widely known that gives you full control of your development and perfectly suits any project size.
AIS Novations Dev Team


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The User portal allows for creating, reviewing, editing orders and data, viewing users' trees, and generating reports.

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The Operators/Administrators portal allows for creating, viewing, and editing the users, product list and orders, and viewing reports.

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The Personal Sites portal is an online shop that serves for customer attraction: Here, a customer can make an order. It contains information about company news and auctions which are constantly updated.

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A separate online shop has been developed for the Asian market.

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