Development Of A Website For Distribution Of Products Based On The Network Marketing Model

Project Overview

This project was for an international company headquartered in the U.S. It manufactures and distributes cosmetic and medical products, vitamins, nutritional supplements, foodstuff, and personal care products. The main objective of this project was to divide a single site into three portals: for users, for administrators, and personal sites



Arizona, USA
Nov 2008Today

Project Context

The company works following the network marketing principles: the representative is remunerated for the customers attracted.
The project uses a multi-level pricing system: each product's cost depends on the user's rank.
The site is also used for the publication of promotional codes, drawing of tours to exotic countries, and other promotional campaigns.

After refinancing, the customer can get additional funds for the reconstruction, renovation, or purchase of new housing. The relending process occurs without the user's participation.


One of the unique factors of this project included the customers’ ability to create, view, and edit their orders and data. The other features include viewing of the user tree and report generation.

The personal site portal is used for the placement of orders. Company news and promotions are regularly updated here.

The functions include a full list of administration options: creating, viewing, editing the users and orders, editing the product list, and viewing the reports.

Key Features and Highlights

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Let’s look at some highlights:
  • We automated the product flow and shipment processes and also set up the work processes between the financial departments and the marketing department.
  • As a bonus, we redesign the portals and continue working on the project annually.

Delivered Solutions

  • The website was initially developed by an American company and was a simple portal for users and agents. Over ten years, we have radically changed the project and introduced new features and technologies.
  • To start, we added payment mechanisms and report generation systems for the users, optimized the databases, and developed a separate store for Asia. We also included import-export manager (IEM) - mechanisms for data import/export between the website and internal databases.
  • The website was divided into three portals and we made them multilingual and multi-regional.
  • The user portal is used for the creation, viewing, and editing of orders and data. The personal sites portal (online store) is used to attract customers.
  • Data can be created, viewed, and edited on the agent/administrator portal. We have also developed and created a communication portal for the users to communicate with each other.
  • Lastly, we converted the reporting systems from DevExpress to Angular. In addition, we update DotNetNuke to optimize and refine the systems for correct work with DNN from time to time.
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