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Our client Providence is a licensed Real Estate Brokerage firm. In addition to the real estate brokerage, they are in the telecommunications business. In this sphere, Providence was looking to improve the tight relationship between their product and services. Therefore, they wanted to continue enhancing their processes to support their future business growth. For this project, AIS Novations provided technical implementation expertise. Also, our team was involved in brainstorming to provide the client with better solution implementation options.

The client has provided initial information on the project goals and challenges. We suggested using a ready-made Admin panel as a base, with customizations to follow at later stages. There were 20+ vendors bidding for this project. Thanks to AIS Team's experience and expertise, we became the contractor.
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Despite the established business processes, our client found them tedious and redundant. They looked for ways of optimization. They also wanted to avoid keeping all information in the master .Excel file which was subject to update by one person once a week. Additionally, items were sometimes duplicated throughout the scope of a project causing plenty of inconveniences. The client believed that with 300 projects going, the existing procedure for business processes should be simplified through automation.

The challenge was to create a modern system, which would free up the time spent on the tasks that could be automated, differentiate access to the system by roles, and refrain from using the .Excel files.

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NestJS is a well-structured framework for the backend. It best suits both monolithic applications and microservices. TypeORM is аn ORM that is self-explanatory and nice to work with. It maps objects and their relationships to the base. That is all we needed. TypeScript is a wrapper over JS that allows for writing more neatly in OOP style than it would be by using just js.
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The resulting product is a specialized CRM system. The implemented solutions allow for the effective running of all required business processes and increased efficiency of the team. This has been achieved by introducing the following:

  • Interconnection of telecommunication tower elements and zones by creating appropriate dependencies to monitor and manage the towers properly.
  • A module for interaction between the site owner and the company’s clients. This module includes telecommunications site data and allows for auditing.
  • Engineering zone functionality for technical managers and engineers that enables planning, maintenance, inventory, and updating of the equipment installed on the tower.
  • A Service Order Form (SOF) Tool has been developed for enabling the internal working process on the project.
  • A built-in sorting and filtering system, which allows for displaying the necessary information in all interconnected CRM modules.
  • A role-based access system that delineates the responsibility zones for each user and enables the control of access to a particular zone according to the requirements. The specific features for each zone allow undertaking the required manipulations following the requirements for each tower depending on the user role and its needs.

Additional Benefits

  • System redesign based on mockups created by AIS designers.
  • PACE tasks management logic implementation.
  • A full update of the backend to a new stack with the use of the NestJS and TypeORM technologies, and PostgreSQL as the database management system.
The client has always been in touch to clarify any questions. In most cases, time intervals for tasks were also reasonable. We had enough time to think them over and implement them. Our team did an amazing job!
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Although the system development is ongoing, the client acknowledges the already noticeable process automation and end-to-end visibility of the project and its progress, which results in the following:

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