Permissioned Ethereum-Powered Crypto Exchange Web Platform

Aiding in signature solution development completion

Client and Business Goal

Our client, a British startup blockchain technology provider, had built a back-end for a blockchain system. Ethereum network fine-tuning and web3 libraries implementation were the development tasks to follow. The client also needed a partner capable of engineering a technically sound and smoothly navigated front-end to take the existing solution to a frictionless release. Upon the client’s request, the AIS team demonstrated mature blockchain engineering skills along with a solid business logic and architecture design experience, which made the vendor choice a breeze.


The team delivered dedicated apps for a private Ethereum network-based blockchain app intended for internal cryptocurrency exchange between a limited number of the system contributors.

  • UI components engineering
  • Business logic integration
  • Unit tests development
  • Client & admin web apps engineering

Work done

  • Ethereum network setup
  • Parity Ethereum implementation
  • Web3-powered transactions generation
  • Ad hoc requests resolution


Despite the hurdles with processing cryptocurrency transactions through the existing back-end, AIS Novations engineering experts managed to roll out the expected functionality while cautiously fitting it into the pre-built infrastructure. None of the solution’s components were harmed during the platform launch.

AIS Team
2Software developers
Project duration: 4 months


AIS Novations successfully tackled the client’s tech challenge delivering the required system components right on the promise. The client is looking to continue the cooperation by proceeding with new business logic integration and functionality updates.

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