Client and Business Goals

Our client is a large manufacturer of chemical processing equipment. They were looking to create a tool helping demonstrate their new production facilities already during planning and construction and draw attention of potential investors and customers. The idea implied the development of the plant’s digital model which could be demonstrated using VR technology at industry events and trade shows. Being an adept of modern tech, AIS Novations became the contractor for the project.


To develop a full-fledged plant with a huge number of details in virtual reality was a compound and challenging task to tackle. To achieve maximal resemblance with real objects we focused on proper lighting setup, optimization and careful baking of large-scale scenes.


The solution was based on the technical requirements and plant drawings provided by the client. We started with the optimization of the 3D plant model so that it could smoothly function in real-time. Six weeks later we proceeded with its game engine integration to allow interaction with the facilities in virtual reality.

Functionality highlights
  • Navigable VR environment, including walkthroughs as well as the possibility to move through the floors on the elevator.
  • Realistic lighting to ensure better perception of the objects.
  • Callouts about the workshops and pieces of equipment located there.

Tech Stack

  • Unity
  • Vuforia
  • C#
  • 3ds max
  • Photoshop
  • PBR Texturing
AIS Team
1Software Developer
33D Artists
Project Duration: 3 months


The AIS Novations team delivered a comprehensive VR application showcasing the future plant’s digital model based on the design documentation of the facility. Our solution allows moving around the floors of the plant, getting acquainted with its equipment and technical features.

The client highly appreciated the high sense of presence we managed to achieve because of our scrupulous work on the details and lighting setup.

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