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MyAirbags/UpFix is a B2C company providing car repair services. Its trained and IPC certified technicians specialize in running tests to identify problem sources and rebuilding or repairing original car parts. With rapidly changing consumer expectations, a B2C business has to be heads-up when it comes to the overall customer experience. AIS Novations supported MyAirbags/UpFix in their quest to stay ahead of their competitors by adapting the business through engaging web design, an SEO-friendly website, a mobile application, and tracking analytics among other features.

In this project, our prime focus was the Ecommerce domain. This domain, in general, has expanded significantly in recent years and will only continue to do so, especially due to the worldwide pandemic situation.
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June 2019 - Today
In the beginning, to satisfy client’s needs, we also involved experts from other areas such as Design, Frontend Development (HTML/CSS), DevOps, PHP/1C-Bitrix Mobile Development.
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The challenge started with project migration from WP/WooCommerce to 1C-Bitrix with all functionality retained, namely:

  • Synchronization with the internal CRM
  • Integration of the existing payment systems
  • Preservation of order history and analytics

It was also required to adapt and fine-tune the existing processes with a focus on streamlining the workflow of order processing, simplifying client management, and expanding the customer database. 

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The migration phase is over. Now, we are focused on further fine-tuning and application support. A large number of integrations with the internal CRM and with Google Analytics, Firebase, and Google AdSense are next in line.
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The AIS Novations implementation team took the following steps to ensure the online shop’s competitiveness:

  • Integrated marketing services such as Google Ads, Google Merchant, Facebook Ads, Yotpo.
  • Applied extended markup.
  • Introduced changes in order processing.
Soon, the mobile applications for Android and iOS will go into production. The survey shows that 90% of the audience spends their mobile time on apps. We are sure that our client will benefit from it in the near future.
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