Moneda Cacao

An Application for Optimization of the Payment System Operation


Moneda Cacao is a payment system for commission-free money transfers and withdrawals. The user registers in the application and creates an account that can be replenished by a bank card. After that, money transfers and other operations are available. The application is securely encrypted. The transactions are performed with personal data remaining confidential.

Electronic transactions performed by using a modern payment system are much quicker to reconcile, batch, collect, and store. With updated technology and a fast and stable internet connection, they are even speedier.
AIS Novations Project Manager


At first, the client was aiming to improve their existing application with React Native. Among the main tasks was ensuring that the application loads within 4 seconds with a stable connection.

We started with code correction of the old version of the application. Later, the client commissioned us to develop a new mobile application enhanced with a web version.
AIS Novations Dev Team
1Project Manager
1Business Analyst
Feb 2019 - Present


Before implementation, we performed business analysis, prepared software requirements specifications, created mockups and wireframes. Next, we moved on to the development phase. While performing work on the project, we wrote step-by-step documentation for automated product testing.

This project allowed us to gain expertise in designing and creation of complex applications for payment systems.
AIS Novations Dev Team
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A payment gateway is a tool that facilitates functions such as various payment options, money transfer from cards to wallets, etc. Among its basic features and capabilities, it is worth mentioning secure payment processing, PCI compliance, payment analytics and reporting, and secure storage of client information.
AIS Novations Dev Team

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