Full-Cycle Development of Personalized Loans Solution

Robust platform helping find optimal loan offerings

Client and Business Goal

Private Order is a FinTech startup based in Austin, TX. They commissioned us to develop a platform that collects and analyzes heterogeneous information about all active loan products from various banks. The user fills out a questionnaire and receives a personalized offer relevant to his/her criteria and conditions.

Our team was tasked with the full-cycle development of a client-server solution in line with the business logic created by the client. Native UI/UX design was provided by the client’s team, while the AIS team elaborated responsive design and compensated design incompleteness uncovered during the functionality development.


This start-up supports two principles: a single-source concept with all loan offers gathered in one place and the one-package principle with the client to collect only one document package.The development team was to enable the solution’s connection to multiple financial institutions. Integration with third-party services such as Floify, Plaid, and Mortech API was among the top challenges.


The platform with a responsive interface aggregates loan offers from different banks into one system and helps the user select the most beneficial option. The solution takes into consideration multiple parameters, such as employment details, income details, asset details, and credit report status. It analyzes the options and suggests the most suitable loan. Here are the solution’s technical highlights:

  • Registration and authorization with Firebase, and attributing user’s data to their account accessible from any device.
  • Download of additional documents to validate the client’s data in the .jpg, .pdf, and .doc formats.
  • Integration with the Loan Point of Sale, Bank Authentication, and Mortgage Pricing API services for data generation.
  • Interaction with financial institutions’ APIs for information about loans and their conditions with further displaying of all possible options to the user.
  • Integration with the Plaid service to add a valid user banking account for a more accurate loan offer and its quicker validation.
  • Collection of user’s details and the information on the desired loan in an 8-stages questionnaire with all information instantly saved to the database so the user can continue from where he or she left off.

The development team suggested Scrum methodology for the project. The team demonstrated development progress after each iteration to provide transparency into the process, backlog and keep track of the budget.

AIS Team
1Project Manager
1Quality Assurance
Customer location: USA
Project duration: 1+ year
Front-end Frameworks
React JS 16.13, Yup, SASS preprocessor, Google Address API
Back-end Frameworks
NodeJS, NestJS + Typescript, PostgreSQL + Sequelize-typescript
Web Development, UI/UX Design, Software Testing
Bank Authentication API, Mortgage Pricing API, Loan Point of Sale API, Realtime NoSQL


The AIS team completed product development successfully, having met both the budget and schedule. Our client is satisfied with the delivered solution which leverages progressive technologies and fully corresponds to the initial business vision. The solution is a convenient, user-friendly tool that helps the user navigate among numerous loan product offerings, compare them based on personalized criteria and make a knowledgeable choice relying on the most accurate rates and savings estimates.

Client’s feedback

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