JR Cigars

Ecommerce with Salesforce Architecture for Cigar Aficionados’ Comfort and Pleasure


JR Cigars is a world-leading cigar retailer with a volume of orders per month in the thousands. As a B2C business owner, they have a system that automates order and product processing and all user activities. The client saw the opportunity to make additional profit by implementing a string of solutions and improving their system.

From our experience, B2C business is not only about being on one’s toes but also about following consumer's expectations. As a player in the Ecommerce game, if your website is neither well-operated and supported, nor built using the most up-to-date tech stack, the result may be losing customers and sales.
AIS Novations Project Manager


The main challenge was the request to refactor legacy code where required, provide technical support of the website, fix bugs on the fly, and improve existing functionality by using the technical expertise  of AIS Novations.

Reviewing documentation helps to understand the code. But when a project comes with little or no documentation, its refactoring is a challenge.
AIS Novations Dev Team
1Project Manager
1Account Manager
Apr 2019 - Present


  • Connecting project services with the Demandware (Salesforce) system on which the website runs.
  • Project database migration from mLab to Atlas.
  • Password reset for services and admin panels every 3 months.
  • Writing a script for the automatic addition of won coupons and auctions directly to the Demandware system.
  • Automatic password updating for running services.
During the course of the project, we always kept the release date and time 
in mind, and stuck to it.
AIS Novations Dev Team
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Web- and application server
Web Development
Demandware (Salesforce) is a popular CRM because it is cloud-hosted and therefore no need to take care of servers, databases, and their administration.
AIS Novations Dev Team


The project is successful. The system remains effective by processing numerous orders and allowing for the successful completion of other tasks.

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