Development of a Platform for Automation of Mortgage Refinancing

Project Overview

This project was for the largest free online platform for mortgage refinancing in Britain. The company has over 500 advisors throughout the country.

The service helps customers refinance their current mortgage on new terms. The user can take credit at preferential terms for an extended period to reduce the monthly payments.

The main objective of this project was to develop a platform for automation of refinancing a mortgage loan on more favorable terms.




London, UK
Aug 2017Mar 2018

Project Context

To better understand the need for such a project, we need to establish that the service is based on calculations that generate fixed rates. The users receive a new mortgage with an extended grace period, switch to more favorable terms, and reduce their monthly payments.

After refinancing, the customer can get additional funds for the reconstruction, renovation, or purchase of new housing. The relending process occurs without the user's participation.

One credit institution transfers the money to another; the customer only needs to sign a new mortgage agreement. The customer should provide information about their level of income, expenses, and changes in their family composition.

Thereupon, the lender conducts a new assessment of the house value, checks the customer's credit rating, and introduces changes to the registration documents.


To cater to the requirements of this project, we've divided the project into three parts: an information resource, a customer portal, and a platform for brokers. This led us to the creation of different access levels for all kinds of users.

Data from the customer portal is uploaded to the broker platform. The administrator, brokers, and advisor have access to this platform. This part of the app is not accessible to the customer.

We have also redesigned the database structure and updated the system elements following new customer requirements.

Key Features and Highlights

Over ten years of cooperation, we have helped the company to enter new markets in 15 countries. Let’s look at some highlights:

  • Taking a look at some of our achievements, we released the MVP within the shortest terms possible, namely three months. We also successfully launched three separate portals and integrated them into one sizable high-performance system.
  • We also synchronized the platform with external systems such as Mandrill, Mailchimp, Zendesk, and Onfido. Lastly, we added fixed rates for the chosen mortgage loans and a calculator for the computation of payments.

Delivered Solutions

To provide a comprehensive solution, we made sure that the user can enter property value, mortgage amount, and term to see the available kinds of lending.

On the main page, the user fills in the cards and specifies their needs and financial situation. After that, the user should contact the advisor to find a suitable solution.

For the users' convenience, the time required to fill in the card is indicated at the top of each card.

The information from the user portal is sent to a part of the platform that is not accessible to the customers. The brokers and advisors can view the available trades here.

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