A Platform for an Individual Approach to Best Mortgage Refinancing


Dynamo is a large national mortgage brokerage in Britain with over 500 advisors throughout the country. They have been arranging mortgages since 2006. Being highly dedicated to their clients by striving to ensure their best mortgage experience, Dynamo wanted to find a team that would develop a platform for automatic mortgage refinancing on more favorable terms.

The idea was to provide prospects with a new mortgage loan on more favorable terms such as an extended preference period and reduced monthly payments. Additionally, a prospect may require additional funds for reconstruction, repair, or purchasing new housing.
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The main objective of this project was that the platform to be developed should provide seamless functioning for three participating parties: a client-borrower, an advisor, and a broker with access level differentiation and other features.

The refinancing process happens without a borrower’s involvement. In this case, one lending agency transfers money to another. The borrower just needs to complete a new mortgage contract and provide information on income, expenditures, and family members. The lender then conducts a new assessment of the value of the house, checks the rating, and makes changes in the registration documents.
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Aug 2017 — Present


  • The project implementation has been divided into three parts: an information resource, a portal for clients-borrowers, and a platform for brokers.
  • The access levels for each type of user: a borrower, an advisor, and a broker, have been differentiated.
  • The mortgage refinancing process has been automated.
  • The database has been restructured and the system elements have been updated in accordance with the new requirements of our client.
  • The platform has been synchronized with external systems such as MAILCHIMP, ZENDESK, and ONFIDO.
The access is differentiated in such a way that brokers, the administrator, and the advisor have access to the data from the client-borrower platform that is sent to the broker’s platform. The platform for the brokers also contains the information on all available deals and is not available for clients-borrowers.
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The key difference between a web application and a web portal is that a web application is usually deployed on a public network with access for a user via intranet or internet. A web portal is a collection of sites and unique services created to provide required information to users.
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