Web Presence Makeover for a Data-Intensive Forex Business

Redesigning an obsolete website into an efficient finance and marketing tool

Client and Business Goal

The client, a well-established award-winning European Forex company, was aiming to start a massive marketing campaign and wanted to completely revamp their web presence. The contractor was to redesign their existing solution, build new portals with robust report visualization and calculation systems, handle API-enabled integrations, and help launch the planned campaign.

AIS Novations stood out from the competition due to our ability to efficiently tackle from-scratch engineering tasks with banking and finance focus.


With two teams involved in parallel development, AIS Novations has made it to build brand-new web design, create a slick reporting mechanism, and integrate the solution with payment and CRM systems, business tools, and trading platforms.

The solution enables users to make deposits, monitor transaction history and stats, calculate referral income, and get instructions on trading services usage.

  • Third-party accounting apps and services syncing
  • Built-in user verification system
  • Custom report generation and visualization functionality
  • Automated migration and deployment package
  • Accessible adaptive design

Major solution modules

  • Partner programs choice, income dynamics calculation
Economic calendar
  • Stock index diagrams monitoring, finance forecasts creation
Video library
  • Exchange rates, online trading, and video streaming
Admin panel
  • News, contacts, income calculators, and video management
User account
  • Trading accounts creation, funds replenishment and withdrawa


The client’s legacy system was integrated with a multitude of external services, which made switching to a new server extremely risky. By implementing the original tech stack, the team cautiously migrated the existing data to a rebuilt platform with zero loss.

Neither functionality nor user experience were wrecked upon the solution deployment, with the launch being a matter of hours.

Tech Stack

  • Bitrix24
  • Bootstrap
  • Git
  • Jenkins
  • Jira
  • MySQL
  • Node.js
  • SCSS
  • Vue.js
  • Webpack
AIS Team
1Project manager
3UI/UX designers
4software developers
1PPC specialist
Project duration: 8 months


  • The team successfully handled the client’s challenge from scratch by designing and building 6 sophisticated tech-intensive web pages.
  • Completely updated and reskinned, the web platform showed an impressive rise in performance and fault-tolerance.
  • With AIS Novations assistance, the client launched an efficient marketing campaign that helped quickly break even by boosting profit margins.
  • The team proved being a reputable partner for high-risk projects while growing their finance tools development muscle.

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