Portal Redesign for Cybersecurity Consulting Provider

Mitigating cyberattack risks to keep the organization’s digital assets safe

Client and Business Goals

Our client is a specialized management consulting company based in the USA, helping clients from multiple spheres to be compliant with established industry standards and mitigate risks of cyber threats. With their business growth, they noticed that their existing cybersecurity portal was no longer meeting customers’ growing demands in respect of functionality and calling for design improvements. To ensure user-friendliness and eliminate app limitations, the customer decided to entrust app revamping to a team with strong engineering background and proficiency in UI/UX design.

Having conducted rigorous research of software development companies with relevant experience, their choice fell on AIS Novations as the contractor for the project.


System Capabilities
  • Streamlined file management, possibility to upload files of different formats, share them with colleagues and create / delete folders
  • Built-in chat, for instant communication between managers and company clients
  • Centralized data storage for quick access to clients’ documentation, reports etc
Work done
  • Comprehensive redesign of the portal
  • Created the adaptive version to meet screen restrictions of various devices
  • Implemented changes to the application logic

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