Multi-Currency Crypto Exchange & Portfolio Management App Engineering

Picking up product development to make it to a showcasing version

Client and Project Goals

An Australian FinTech industry newcomer looking to validate their business initiative and develop a competitive signature project.

Seeking to obtain a reliable and intuitive semi-private cryptocurrency trading app with market making capabilities, the client switched outsourced contractors twice in just four months of project duration. AIS Novations was selected to review the existing deliverables and do the heavy lifting needed to take the solution to a successful release.


The solution is a multi-currency online web app intended to help users with little crypto exchange experience easily enter the market. To enable handling as many digital currency deals as possible, the app utilizes a universal token-powered USDT coin for transaction execution.


  • Built-in matching engine and portfolio tracking
  • Integration with Bitfinex exchange
  • 10 major cryptocurrencies support (BTC, ETH, and more)
  • Crypto-to-fiat and vice versa trade

Work done

  • Software requirements specification with detailed user stories and crypto order mechanisms
  • User interface elements development
  • App demo version fine-tuning


While validating the project’s initial tech stack and testing deliverables, AIS Novations team discovered several critical discrepancies. The toolkit chosen by previous vendors put the solution’s functional feasibility into question, with code aching for end-to-end refactoring and patching.

In need of discussing further steps with the project’s stakeholders, the client took their time and paused the development for an uncertain period.

AIS Team
1Project Manager
1Business Analyst
1Team Lead
4 months


The client’s initiative is pending, as they wait for the investors’ resolution on financing a massive scope of works required for the flawed product revamping.

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