A Multilingual Website for a Sports Club


Biarritz is a French rugby club playing in the second league of the national federation. It is one of the most renowned teams in the region and a five-time French champion. The client was looking for a team to develop a multilingual website.

Research shows that 73% of global customers prefer to consume online content in their native language. With a multilingual website, its owner benefits from reaching a larger audience, becoming more customer-centric, reducing bounce, and improving both conversion rates and brand image.
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The main challenge was to develop a multi-language website from scratch that would be managed by an admin panel. The admin panel would provide a transition to the Biarritz official website, ticket sales page, or to an online shop with fan merchandise. It would also allow for adding the players, creating albums, displaying match results, and the schedule of upcoming games.

Admin panel is a convenient and powerful tool for website management. As an interface, it is used by web-based business owners to enter and update their app's data and follow their business metrics.
AIS Novations Dev Team
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Jul 2018 - Oct 2018


  • Elaboration of project structure with the creation of all website pages and the setting up of a data repository.
  • SEO configuration for SPA.
  • API integration allowing for displaying certain information.
  • Development of admin panel (CMS) and back-end.
To build a website that meets your needs and expectations, you need to not only understand the system but also grasp and create many other aspects such as strategy, your target market, content and design, and user experience.
AIS Novations Project Manager

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React allows you to quickly create a Single Page Application. NodeJS is great for prompt solving of business problems and is used for writing the server section. TypeScript features the support of type systems and some extras of strongly typed languages.
AIS Novations Dev Team


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The admin panel allows for editing news, a team list, SEO settings, adding pictures, and translation.

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The website is integrated with official accounts on Twitter and Instagram.

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Integrated API allows for displaying a football tournament table and a calendar of upcoming games.

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The slider on the homepage contains important information and forwards the user to the relevant pages. 

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