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Increase the efficiency and productivity of your operations by implementing automation solutions that directly target bottlenecks and streamline workflows so that your employees can focus on getting things done quicker!

Business process automation (BPA) allows your organization to orchestrate and manage multiple streams of operations in an efficient manner by delegating repetitive tasks to an intelligent software suite that simplify each process from start to finish.

Invest in increasing the capabilities of your business by developing a customized Business process automation software suite with our expert team at AIS.

Why Should You Automate Business Processes?

Whether large or small, we have developed a streamlined process for the delivery of our web application development services. We have the resources and the team to deliver even the most challenging projects.

Initiate your Digital Transformation

By automating processes, you will free up critical resources and assets will concentrate your efforts on more pressing tasks as well as fast track your digital transformation by bringing more comprehensive tools and capabilities to your team.

Bring More Clarity and Insight

You will gain more intuitive details and insights into your company operations by extracting and analyzing data obtained through a customized BPA software suite to inform decision making and bring more significant optimization to your processes.

Streamline and Organize Operations

Through the help of a customized BPA, you will ensure that your activities continue with minimum disruptions and will be managed effectively through a robust and comprehensive set of tools now available at your fingertips.

Ensure Compliance and Security

Through a BPA suite, you will ensure the integrity and security of your critical data and enforce compliance through all stages of the operations process and for all interconnected departments making the flow of work smoother and better defined.

Standardize and Enforce Protocols

A BPA suite allows your organization to standardize SOPs and create swift protocols that can be learned and applied by all participants to increase the coherence of the data generated through a multitude of processes and all connected operations.

Create An Engaging Customer Experience

You will ensure the quick and smooth delivery of services to your customers by automating complex processes to follow a set pattern making it easier for your employees to tackle emerging challenges and more pressing challenges more effectively.

Technologies We Use

Front End Web App Development

Feature-Rich Frameworks

Our developers use frameworks such as React, Vue, Angular and others.

High-Performance and Speed

We develop a high-performing global platform that enables you to accomplish maximum speed and efficient performance.

Cloud Scalability

Design and build your web app on serverless cloud technology to enhance its scalability.

Front End Technologies

Backend Web App Development

Payment Gateways

We are experts in integrating PayKeeper, Braintree, bePaid, or any other platform of your choice for payment processing with your web or mobile app. Our developers build a well-documented integration with API with any type of payment processor.


Building a secure web application starts at the design stage. We pre-plan for security and defenses and include it in your app design from the initial stage as we consider it part and parcel of your web application design and not a separate product.

Back-End Technologies





Infrastructure technologies