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AIS Novations is a cross-industry blockchain development provider capable of either scaling your engineering resources or building distributed ledger solutions from the ground up. We have already built a bunch of blockchain-powered solutions. Our hands-on experience is an engineering soundness marker for our enterprise clients seeking to develop private or consortium blockchain B2B solutions.

Convert your lightbulb moments into value-driven solutions

Ever since we started contributing to blockchain-powered innovation, we’ve got it that it could be a key to unleashing business efficiency around nearly any domain. No matter your enterprise scale and niche — be it a governmental-grade institution, banking or FinTech solutions provider, or individual vendor, we have a fix on how to create a product that pays your money’s worth.

NFTs & NFT marketplaces development

To digitize any sort of real-life assets, collectibles or business ideas, we can develop unreplicable multi-faceted cryptographic NFTs exclusively fit for your purpose. Not only do we build non-fungible tokens and list them across your target platforms, but design NFT marketplaces and entire ecosystems for their maintenance, tokenomics growth, and multi-channel promotion.

  • NFT lending platforms & marketplaces
  • Distributed auctioning apps
  • Token API keys
  • Ethereum ERC-721-powered NFTs
  • ERC-1155-based semi-fungible tokens
  • Tokens customization
  • Ethereum Naming tools implementation
  • NFT infrastructure setup & tech support
  • NFT campaigning guidance

Domain-specific NFT development at scale

Digital & fine arts NFTs
  • Authenticity & provenance proof
  • Ownership sharing
  • Upscale DeFi market access
  • Decentralized auctioning
  • Value tracing
  • Digital ID support
Media & entertainment NFTs
  • Rare assets copyrighting
  • Author & privacy rights protection
  • Journalist research digitization
  • Show ticket bidding
  • Broker exclusion
  • P2P royalty payment
Sports & gaming NFTs
  • Exclusive performances tokenization
  • Valued assets auctioning
  • Individual player or team tokenization
  • Garments showcasing
  • Tradeable in-game items digitization
  • Gameplay & features monetization
Design NFTs
  • Brand releases pre-order
  • Limited-edition items bidding
  • Digital tech accessories introduction
  • Concept fraud prevention
  • Ownership traceability

Our NFT development expertise doesn’t boil down to what we’ve listed above.
Contact us — we’ll get back to discuss your niche project specifics.

Smart contract development

AIS Novations has a firm grasp of how to build protocols and Virtual Machines of any complexity. Whether you require a from-scratch smart contract or wish to check your existing solution’s sanity and interdependencies, we have your back. Our deliverables’ proven effects are bolstered performance, optimized resources, and controlled assets turnaround.

  • Distributed document management
  • P2P payments implementation
  • Automated data ownership transfer
  • Code-level invoices & warranties execution
  • Asset tokenization
  • External crypto wallets integration
  • Smart contract performance audit
  • Resource consumption analysis
  • Cybersecurity upgrades
  • TCO optimization
  • Platform-specific assessment

Decentralized crypto exchanges (DEXs)

To handle novice and expert traders' needs alike, we create intuitive fraud-proof P2P exchange apps for both mobile and web platforms. We take care to power them by sophisticated smart contract logic, implement rich trading modules and pairs, and integrate third-party instruments to ensure unrivaled deal reliability, transparency, and routine automation.

  • One-page crypto exchanges
  • Bitcoin exchange apps
  • Central authorities or intermediaries exclusion
  • Proxy tokens & digital assets trade
  • Trading infrastructure decentralization
  • Payment gateway engineering
  • Escrow protection techniques
  • Customization & scalability
  • Multi-currency support
  • Instant transaction approval
  • Fee optimization
  • Ultimate cybersecurity

Decentralized apps (dApps) development

We’re well aware how vital it is to have a robust dApp that helps thrive on the decentralized tech market. To enable you to stay in full charge of mission-critical processes, we build dApps upon advanced standards compliance, resource accountability, and navigation intuitiveness.

  • Integration to blockchain
  • Adaptation to target platforms
  • Custom business logic design
  • API & gateways engineering
  • Resource distribution monitoring
  • Transaction states optimization
  • Dedicated blockchain databases
  • Test net & main net deployment & validation
  • dApp stores publishing support

Ethereum & Solidity: our blockchain development cornerstones

All the way through, our experts rely on the most future-proof blockchain platforms that aid in protecting your sensitive data while avoiding leakages or system and network crashes.

  • Ethereum Virtual Machine-powered smart contract engineering
  • Solidity-enabled token customization
  • Streamlined dApps & smart contracts deployment
  • Downtime, cyber attacks & data fraud prevention
  • Ethereum tech consulting, audit & support
  • Data-intensive processes & transactions acceleration
  • Liabilities execution automation
  • Web3 tools employment at scale

Our blockchain development team creates solutions that ensure instant access to liquidity platforms, power efficiency, and uncompromised assets security. Hit us with challenges of any scale and complexity, just drop a brief description below.

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Blockchain technologies

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We adapt solutions to the inherent industry intricacies

As the global market landscape increasingly becomes tech-first, businesses think ahead to future-proof products with blockchain-enabled transformation. Over the years of cross-industry practice, we’ve studied the ins and outs around a multitude of domains to now create meaningful solutions targeted at bringing countable gains ASAP.

Other Blockchain Projects

Scale your resources with our blockchain know-how to encourage your innovation ability. Throw at us your request — we’ll come up with a charge-free consultation while trying to ballpark your challenge.