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Website Chat API


The project goal was to create the conference online service, where the user can set online chat, similar to facebook or gmail chats, to any webpage of his website with the help of a special javascript code. The infrastructure of this service was located on several physical servers in datacenter situated in the USA.

Among the problems faced by the customer there were the following:

Considering that the infrastructure is located in the USA, the quality of data transmitted channel for the local service users was much higher in comparison with the quality for the users from Europe and other continents.

Therefore the support department was constantly receiving notifications about temporary delays in deliveries and message transfer.

To arrange the service scaling process, the customer had to constantly buy new physical servers; however, the services suffered short run peak loads regularly, several times exceeding the critical contingency load of the created infrastructure.

As a result, the service appeared to be unavailable in the short run for some users.


Service infrastructure was transferred to AWS Cloud managed with AWS Elastic Cloud (EC2). To make new servers’ (instances) adding automatic, AIS Novations team set up special alarms. Besides that, we also customized events to cut down the infrastructure, which considerably saved expenses of the service on equipment. Physical server placement was also configured taking into account all current requirements and can be performed now in the USA as well as in any region of Europe and Asia. For integrated database we used MySQL on RDS platform; for file exchange and file storage – AWS S3 and AWS Cloudfront. It cut down expenses, as while using the standard infrastructure, the service had to pay both for the used and for free space on physical storage disc. Relocation of the service to AWS infrastructure allowed to pay just for the used space. The access to shared files was fulfilled with the help of CDN, and now temporary delays during the access from any region are minimal. Besides that, the service uses AWS platforms, such as: S3, Route 53, SES, CloudSearch , etc., which makes the service control more convenient and stable.

Duration: 7 months
Specialists: 4

AIS Novations team was the main and the only team working on the project. AIS Novations services payback by the reason of reducing the project equipment monthly expenses is about 13 months.

  • AIS Novations team has automated service scaling for both to increase and to decrease the amount of used resources.
  • Now the quick access from any region of the planet is provided.
  • Service monthly expenses are reduced.
  • More convenient and stable project and infrastructure management interface is arranged.