Maintenance And Support Services

Free up your resources for core business projects to ensure smooth scalability and software operations.

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Through our expertise, we schedule regular updates to ensure that your existing application or system integrates smoothly with the latest technology changes. As an established IT company, we provide IT maintenance and support services for both web and mobile applications.

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Software Support Services

We provide three levels of proficient support for our developed applications as well as third party developed apps. Our team offers you expert assistance and support no matter the level of complexity of the issues you are facing. From an easy user guide to proactive monitoring of systems updates and source code issues resolution, we have you covered.

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System Monitoring

We provide system monitoring of your IT infrastructure, both hardware and software, to ensure optimal system and application uptime. Our support team stays alert and instantly responds should your system or application experiences any issues. We efficiently perform server and application monitoring, event log management, remote connectivity, and network management. Our team also provides backup and recovery solutions.

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Application Maintenance

We offer professional IT infrastructure maintenance services for both mobile and web platforms. Our service offerings include consulting, application launch, delivery of cloud solutions, project health checkup, incident management, and request processing. We ensure to take care of all your IT infrastructure maintenance worries so that your team can focus on your core business operations.

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Legacy App Maintenance

Given our industry focus and domain expertise in such areas as ERP, CRM, BI & data management, we often work with legacy software solutions. We help our clients maintain them properly while modernizing and replatforming them. We help get rid of clumsy monolithic systems and shift to microservices architecture to cut maintenece costs and boost erformance and user experiences.


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Our Maintenance and Support Services

Adaptive Maintenance and Support

By integrating our adaptive maintenance and support services, you can ensure that revisions or changes to your software meet the transitional needs of your business. We offer changes in hardware configuration and data format, regulation and localization change, operating system integration, and support utility modifications.

Corrective Maintenance and Support

Whether your software is encountering logical, coding, or design errors, our experts can help. Additionally, we also inspect your algorithm to identify and eliminate any bugs.

Perfective Maintenance and Support

The regular upkeep and maintenance of your technology systems are necessary for optimal performance. We perform regular and detailed examinations for any additions, modifications, deletions, enhancements, and changes to ensure that your system works optimally.

Preventive Maintenance

Our team analyzes the current and future needs of your software based on customer feedback and any past occurrences. Through our preventive maintenance services, we resolve issues and enable your software solution to meet present and future requirements.

Why Outsource App Support and Maintenance

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Enhance System Performance

We evaluate and determine your system capabilities and issues. Our team also suggests different solutions to enhance system resilience and robustness without disturbing your business operations.

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Ensure Availability of Service

Our specialists propose suitable measures for your mission-critical legacy systems that need flexible availability. With these measures, you can enhance fault tolerance and data redundancy. Moreover, we assist you in implementing effective tools that help resolve system outages while minimizing downtime.

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Scalability Support

We strengthen the scalability of a high-load system. With our scalability-focused architectural design and performance engineering, we provide reliable support to a large number of concurrent system users. This allows your business to adjust comfortably and accordingly.

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Remove Vulnerabilities

After we perform an end-to-end system assessment, we identify and classify vulnerable aspects of your system and give you security advice based on OWASP guidelines, along with best security practices.

Our Software Maintenance Process

Our company has developed a systematic framework of software maintenance to provide you with prompt, proactive, and end-to-end services. We can also provide you with one-to-one agent support for personalized services.

Our process includes the following steps:

  • Collection of your requirements
  • Analysis and review of your existing systems and applications
  • Identification of key issues
  • Development of an action plan
  • Maintenance strategy and proposal
  • Evaluation of infrastructure stability
  • Rigorous testing
  • Launch and release
  • On-going maintenance and support
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Why Choose Us?

End-To-End Full Cycle Services

We offer end-to-end full cycle support services. From analyzing your code to fixing errors, bugs, and everything in between, we provide IT support and maintenance. 

Use of Cutting-Edge Technology

Through our continuous learning, we stay in line with the most advanced technologies to provide you with up-to-date support and maintenance services. This enables maximum application uptime and compliance with the standards.


We offer great flexibility in our IT maintenance and support services. You can select from a range of services as per your requirements and pay only for those services. After all, you may face changing maintenance needs and a varying budget.